My New Pill Box : Reviewed

As part of my hopes to get a little more organised and to prioritise self-care this year, I wanted to combine the two and get on top of my meds and supplements. When you take…

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From Cupid With Love : The Gift of Self-Care This Valentine’s

Is it like Marmite to you, either love it or hate it? Maybe you’re ambivalent, or perhaps you couldn’t care less? I’m more towards the latter two – I hope those doing something with their…

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Monday Motivation : Today’s Pain, Tomorrow’s Strength

When times get tough, we get tougher. We just don’t always realise it at the time. With or without chronic illness, challenges can take their toll on anyone. From chronic pain, a myriad of illness…

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12 Life-Changing Reads & Self-Help Books For 2019

With attempts to renew hope and motivation for the New Year, I thought I’d share a few life-changing reads and self-help books to reignite your spark. These are reads to inspire, encourage, empower and enlighten,…

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Interview : Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism

Today I want to share an interview with Rachel, the author of the fab book I gave a little sneak peek at in December – Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate (When You’re Sick and Tired…

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What Does Science Say About Migraine Glasses?

I hope everyone’s well and is recovering from the Christmas & New Year disruption and activity! Today I wanted to share a fab guest post by John on the subject of migraines. He covers issues…

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10 Steps To Write Your Own 2019

Another year done & dusted. How was it for you? Looking back on mine, there are still things I need to process and properly deal with. Many of us will keep going and not take…

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Being Festive With Fibro & Chronic Illness : Coping With The Christmas Season

With less than two weeks to go until Christmas, it’s easy enough for anyone to get stressed out, overwhelmed, fed up and exhausted by it all, let alone when you’re dealing with chronic / invisible…

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8 Winter Warmers For 2018-19

As the colder months are about to have us in their clutches, it’s time to think about getting snuggly and staying warm. Of course, those in Australia won’t have this problem as you’ll just be…

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Frugal Friday : Black Friday Special [ 23/11/18 ]

Hellooooo Black Friday. It’s here, whether you love it, hate it, or simply don’t care. There’s no stopping the influx of emails and adverts about discounts and deals. It’s become more of a week-long event…

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