Coronavirus Pandemic : Face Mask Types & Where To Buy Them

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, masks may be either personal choice or a government-issued necessity. Take a look at the different types of masks available & where you can get them.

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15 Surprising Facts About Migraines & Their Prevalence

Migraines are a chronic problem worldwide, with many suffering this debilitating issue to some degree, from occasional to chronic. June 2020 is Headache & Migraine Awareness Month, so I’m sharing 15 eye-opening facts & stats about migraines and their prevalence.

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7 Hidden Expenses of Having A Disability

As part of a blog post swap, Gemma from Wheelescapades shares the 7 hidden expenses of having a disability.

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The Sunshine Vitamin – Why Vit D Is So Important

Vitamin D is vital for our health, yet many of us are deficient to some degree. Some scientists are even proposing a possible link between Vitamin D deficiency and coronavirus mortality rates. Do you know what the sunshine vitamin does for our bodies?

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Shopping For A Mattress & Bed Frame

A comfortable bed is an important ingredient for good sleep, and there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new frame & mattress.

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Beyond Tired : ME/CFS Life [Awareness Week 2020]

For ME/CFS Awareness Week, here’s a look at how chronic fatigue is beyond being tired.

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6 Fibro Myths Debunked : Fibromyalgia Awareness Day [12/05/2020]

For Fibromyalgia Awareness Day 2020, I’m discussing & debunking 6 common myths about this invisible condition.

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It’s Not All Rainbows : Healthcare Praise

It’s okay to feel however you’re feeling right now. You’re not alone in finding the claps too loud and the rainbows too colourful.

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Coping With Anxiety & Stress During Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting mental health many. Here’s how to ease the stress, anxiety and overwhelm during lockdown.

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Ways To Passively Fight Dry Skin

Dry skin can be exacerbated by the weather, regular washing and being indoors more often. Here are a few ways to passively help your skin each day.

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How To Stay Stocked Up For Minor Health Problems

It pays to be prepared, and it’s important to stay stocked up for common health issues for day to day eventualities.

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Why Accessibility Is So Important

Accessibility at home and in the world at large is vital in enabling everyone to live as fully and comfortably as possible. The cost of inaccessibility can be severe.

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Give Your Life A Lift : Home Lifts Explained

Here’s a look at the basics of home lifts, their benefits and some key considerations before buying.

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A Chronic Voice Link-Up: March Prompts

An insight into chronic illness life via the prompts for March of staying, doing, being, targeting and weighing.

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Health In The News [16/03/2020]

A look at the latest health news, including the viral cancer patient dancer, Alzheimer’s genetic research and Ajovy NICE approval for migraines.

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Invisible Conditions : The Terrors of Public Toilets

From my experience with a stoma, bladder issues and chronic pain, I can say that navigating disabled public toilets when you have an invisible illness or disability isn’t always easy.

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