When It Gets Overwhelming… Just Breathe

Sometimes endless to-do lists, chronic pain, illness and general stresses in our lives can be overwhelming. Worries and thoughts can repeat on a loop and take over, creating a vicious cycle of stress while taking…

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[ Guest Post ] The Relationship Between Coffee & Diabetes

Today I wanted to share an interesting guest post from Karl Adams on the relationship between coffee and diabetes. It’s an eye-opening and intriguing read, for both coffee drinkers & diabetics. ★  ★  ★ What…

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Pink Parcel Subscription Box [ Reviewed ]

I came across Pink Parcel a few months ago and decided to give the first box a try out of curiosity. Today I wanted to share the goodies I received. I’ve not been paid to…

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Your Laughter Prescription [ September 2018 ]

Happy Friday! It’s been a bit of an emotionally draining week with fatigue also weighing quite heavily, so I thought I’d do a little post to lighten the load for those feeling the same. Humour…

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Focus On The Can Do, Not The Can’t Do

  I posted previously back in 2016 about focusing on what you can do, not what you can’t do, and I thought I’d refresh it. With chronic/invisible illness, it can be quite easy to focus…

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Lovely Lemons : 3 Surprising Health Benefits

When life gives you lemons… add them to water! This popular, brightly coloured fruit packs a punch when it comes to nutritonal value. While the sour intensity prevents many from using it as a solo…

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5 Signs You’re A Spoonie Warrior – An Infographic With A Light Touch

  I don’t tend to use the ‘spoon’ terminology in my blog, but today I thought I would. Just for a lighter touch, I made up an infographic on 5 things those dealing with invisible/chronic…

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Growing (Dis)Gracefully : 30 Years Young

Lost Time I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that both mental & physical health problems are expensive & can cost us greatly. Financially, emotionally, physically, practically. In our lives we may feel we’ve lost opportunities, jobs,…

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Monday Inspiration : Gathering Broken Pieces

  It’s okay to break, to fall apart, to cry. Experience everything you feel, don’t push it away. Then, when you’re ready, gather those beautiful broken pieces and get back up, ready to fight for…

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9 Nutrients For A Good Night’s Sleep

Today I wanted to share a brilliant guest post and insightful infographic from NapSeason. As regular readers know, sleep is something I’m passionate about, partly due to my lack of it! Struggling with poor sleep…

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