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Tips To Ensure You Find the Perfect Gift For Your Recipient

by InvisiblyMe
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I personally love buying gifts. I love the challenge of finding something the recipient will like, want or enjoy in some way, but there are times it can become a challenge, especially if you’re buying for a difficult person, someone without any discernible hobbies, someone you don’t know that well, or someone who seems to have it all. For 2021 and beyond, there are birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s, Easter, and other events to celebrate. This guest post takes a look at hunting down those gift ideas for any recipient on your list.

Finding The Perfect Gift

Birthdays & special events can be a wonderful time for showing our friends, colleagues, family and loved ones how much they mean to us. But trying to figure out the perfect gift can be tricky. Here are some tips to ensure you find something your recipient will love.

List The Things Your Recipient Likes & Loves

Make a list of everything that person likes and dislikes, honing in on the things they enjoy, use, like and love. It can be a little easier when you see it on paper, so get a list together of everything you can think of, big and small, and start analyzing.

Once you get some general areas of interest down, you can start linking up potential gift ideas. Remember, you don’t have to give all of those gifts, but you are bound to come up with some cool ideas while brainstorming. Once you feel like you’ve hit a jackpot, head to the stores or start browsing online. 

Dig Deeper & Investigate

If you simply can’t figure out a gift from your list, then consider doing a little snooping and investigating. Does this person have a wish list, such as on Amazon? Perhaps check out their Facebook or Instagram likes, the brands they follow or the pages they love.

What sort of brands do they use day to day? Do they wear a lot of jewellery? Maybe you could surprise your girlfriend, mother, sister or friend with special birthstone jewellery – you can read more on Moon Magic blog, where you can browse for what they might really love to receive. If you can’t see your friend or loved one because of the pandemic, jewellery is an excellent post-friendly option.

Maybe you could check out their Reddit page to see what’s on their comments or wishlist there. Does the recipient participate in certain sports or hobbies, or always have their nose in a particular book genre? A little investigating might suggest a few avenues to explore.

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Be Practical & Solve A Problem For Them

Gifts can be luxurious and a bit of a treat, or they could be more useful and functional. We might have an issue or problem, or a need that needs fillings, where a gift could fit the bill. For instance, you can: 

  • Fix annoyances: sharpen their knives with a useful gadget, get them black-out blinds to help them sleep, pay a handyman to fix things around their house, or actually solve those small annoyances such as squeaky doors and broken light switches.
  • Prevent pain: if you know that one person has constant back and neck pains, gift them a massage coupon or buy them a handheld massager.
  • Assume responsibilities: you can create a DIY gift certificate to target personalised needs, such as for pet sitting or babysitting, or some coupons for doing chores, giving massages, making dinners, and so on.
  • Outsource chores: if you can’t do the chores for them, you can get them home-delivered meals or home laundry services, or gift a month or more of an online delivery service or streaming service to keep them entertained. 

A Thoughtful Gift

The saying is true, it really is the thought that counts. If you’re on a budget, handmade gifts or a token gesture can be just as valuable and cherished. Think about what your recipient likes, what their favourite colours, foods or hobbies are, and tailor the gift specifically to them.

Personalised and customised gifts also show a little more thought and care, as do those ‘saw this and thought of you‘ presents. Is there something they’ve mentioned liking or wanting? Surprise them with something they didn’t think you’d remember them mentioning before.

Give A Practical Present

Even though flashy gifts might be nice to receive, that shine can fade pretty quickly. Instead of going for flashy things, you can opt for practical gifts that will be useful and appreciated. For example:

  • Instead of a bouquet give them a nice plant they actually like and can take care of. 
  • Instead of a trendy piece of clothing that’ll be rarely worn, give them a useful coat or pair of shoes that they’ll regularly use.
  • Instead of a one-month juice subscription, gift them a reliable blender that they can use for the next few years.
  • Keep it cute and casual with a hilarious, punny shirt (pun intended) to make them laugh and maybe, make them smile every time they use your gift.
  • Do they need something to keep them warm, improve their diet, help with an ailment or boost their fitness? Would a gift voucher for groceries be helpful?
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There are ways to blend creativity with practicality while staying in your budget so as to find a gift for everyone. Thoughtful gestures are more valuable and appreciated; even the smallest of gifts that involve thought, that will remind them of you, or that will be regularly used can bring a smile to your recipient’s face.

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[ This is a sponsored guest post & as such the ideas shared here are that of the author. ]

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Liz January 3, 2021 - 5:10 pm

Thank you for this post Caz. I sometimes have difficulty deciding what to get for the few I buy for. You have given me some ideas that will help to make it that bit easier.

Blogging_with_Bojana January 3, 2021 - 5:10 pm

I love giving them, don’t like getting them (don’t ask).

francisashis January 3, 2021 - 5:27 pm

Interesting post ,thanks for sharing such bright ideas of finding appropriate gifts to help friends,relatives and dear ones in times of their need.Wish you a prosperous New Year.????????????

da-AL January 3, 2021 - 7:39 pm

lovely! I could add a lot of ‘don’ts’ lol

The Oceanside Animals January 3, 2021 - 9:36 pm

Charlee: “We suggest bringing your recipient a nice dead mouse or a lizard.”
Chaplin: “Yes, humans aren’t very good at fending for themselves so a little snack like that is always welcome.”
Lulu: “You two are gross. Everyone knows you should bring humans a stuffie or maybe a ball, something they can throw for you to chase.”
Chaplin: “Throw? Chase? What kind of crazy talk is that?”

Greg Dennison January 4, 2021 - 2:30 am

I’m usually terrible at getting gifts that people actually want… usually I just get someone exactly what they ask for. 🙁

peter petterson January 4, 2021 - 6:07 am

Happy New years to you all.

Megala January 4, 2021 - 6:46 am

I never thought of a gift that would solve the problem faced by the recipient. It is really a great idea, thanks so much for a wonderful post.

Despite Pain January 4, 2021 - 3:13 pm

It’s often difficult trying to think about what someone would like and there is nothing worse than spending a lot of money for something to lie in the back of a cupboard. These are great ideas to help get the right gift for someone. Often a practical gift is well appreciated.

Nisha January 5, 2021 - 7:27 pm

All wonderful ideas Caz, I especially love the practical gifts section something they will really use . Love the way you have so nicely written the post covering all aspects of finding a perfect gift.

forresting365 January 8, 2021 - 11:27 am

These are great suggestions, Caz!!! Never thought to check out someone’s facebook or instagram to help figure out a gift. Now, I’m not either of those so it may be tricky….but that’s TRULY a brilliant thing to do!!! As are lots of Your ideas. Thank You! Huge hugs and Cheers!!! ????????????


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