Magnesium : What You Need To Know

I’ve written before about magnesium when I’ve reviewed supplements, but I thought it would be a good idea to cover why it’s important and how you can give your body a boost of the good…

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Monitoring Health & Pain

Many people record some aspect(s) of their health in some way. It can have a variety of benefits, so let’s take a little look at how monitoring your health and pain can give you a…

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Causes & Treatments For Dry Hair [Guest Post]

Today I’m sharing a guest post from Jeannie on the causes of dry hair & a few tips on how to treat it. With or without chronic illness, life and health can take a toll…

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Just For Giggles : May Funnies

Laughter is good therapy for the soul, so finding things to laugh at every day, no matter how silly, can make things feel brighter. Enjoy! 1. Anyone else a home bunny? 2. Cheesy A few…

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Quick Quote : Letting Go To Move Forward

We’ve all experienced difficult times and painful events. Moving forwards and healing means processing what’s happened and learning to be at peace with it, whether that means learning from it, forgiving someone who’s harmed us,…

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5 Frustrations With Fibro

May is Fibromyalgia Awareness Month (with May 12th being awareness day). Today I thought I’d cover some of the frustrations with fibro. Okay, so the frustrations are potentially limitless, but I thought I’d pick just…

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Hot Chocolate : Liquid Help For Pain & Fatigue?

Before anything else I’ll just include a quick note – WordPress/Akismet (the anti-spam plug in) seems to have another hate on for me. I’m leaving a lot of comments on blogs that aren’t ‘sticking’, so…

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My Secret Love Affair : Jewellery

Some of you may already know my dirty little secrets. Some may not. One of them involves 3 draws and other storage spots full of jewellery. The vast majority is cheap & cheerful, with a…

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National Stress Awareness Month [ April 2019 ]

April is Stress Awareness Month, and I felt it was important to write about it because stress will affect all us of from time to time. Whether you’re dealing with chronic/invisible illness, mental and/or physical,…

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[ Guest Post ] 4 Budget Ways To Add Value To Your Home

I know quite a few bloggers who have recently moved or are looking to move home. It can be a challenging time for anyone where finances are concerned, even more so perhaps for many with…

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