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Actigun Review : An Impressively Powerful Massage Gun

by InvisiblyMe
A photo of me in the garden against a green tree holding the Actigun massage gun for this review in one hand and the other head attachments in the other. I'm wearing an Alice In Wonderland black t-shirt. Below is the title : Actigun Massage Gun Review.

I’ve been quite the lucky badger recently, with Actigun reaching out to ask if I’d like to review their fancy pants massage gun. I was very excited about this and I know it’s something that could be of interest to a lot of folks, so I’m thrilled to be able to share my thoughts with you here. This is one powerful, top quality, high tech piece of kit.

About Actigun

Actigun works on the premise of percussive therapy, essentially referring to the benefit derived from acting on deep muscle tissue in quick, pulsating, and focused strokes. Such therapy can help  relieve muscle tightness, release tension, encourage healthy circulation, accelerate regeneration and increase range of motion.

Anyone could use and benefit from a massage gun, but I was keen to try this bad boy given as how I live with chronic pain and have problems with muscle stiffness and knots. In particular, I wanted to see if this could help the knotted muscles around my neck and shoulders, which worsens the dislocations of my shoulders.

Actigun is a Hong Kong-based company. They started up in 2020 but already the products have had a lot of publicity. They have two products for sale via their website : The Actigun Classic and the Actigun Ace

Both Actigun devices offer professional treatment for pro-level benefits in a way that’s highly versatile and customisable to your needs.

Key Points

  • Shock-resistant handle & non-slip design – More ergonomic and comfortable to use 
  • Quiet operation – ‘Whisper quiet’ brushless motor (the Ace is only 45dbs)
  • Powerful motor – 1800-3400 rmin, high torque, effective and powerful motor (Ace operates at 1500-3500 r/min)
  • Heat dissipation – Won’t get too hot to handle
  • Long battery life – Up to 3 hours continual use per battery charge (the Ace is 4+ hours)
  • Adjustable speed – 6 speed settings 
  • Smart customisation – AI smart chip responds to your body
  • Lightweight – Weighing in at around 1.2lbs, this cordless massager is easy to store & highly portable (the Ace is 1.5lbs)

Benefits Of A Massage Gun

There are various potential benefits from a massage gun, beyond the obvious regarding tight muscles. Here’s a look at just a couple of benefits of massage guns and the deep tissue massage they provide : 

  • Improved muscle contraction, leading to improved strength and length of muscle and fascial tissue.
  • Better range of motion and general mobility, with relief of muscle stiffness or spasm.
  • Boosts blood circulation, leading to improved oxygen and nutrient supply around the body.
  • Boosts lymphatic flow.
  • Increased circulation and tissue metabolism can also aid tissue repair and break down scar tissue, helping with prevention and recovery in the case of injury or overtraining. 
  • Improved sports performance and recovery after training.
  • Targeted pain relief.
  • Vibration from massage guns (“percussive massage”) can benefit the rest of the body, and not just where the gun targets, for instance by helping shoulder, lower back and neck pain.
  • Easing of muscle tension.
  • Relief of muscle soreness releasing lactic acid build up.

There are, of course, also wider implications to overall wellbeing from these above benefits. For instance, improved sleep, mental health, immune system functionality, ability to move a little more freely, less stress from pain and so on.

★ ★ ★

Actigun Classic vs Ace

The classic Actigun comes in silver or black, and includes 4 interchangeable massage heads. The Ace is an all black design that comes with 6 massage heads and a neat carry case. 

The Ace is a tiny bit heavier and comes with more goodies, but it also has a slightly more powerful motor, longer battery life between recharges and it features a touchscreen with HD LCD display, showing you the speed and battery life and allowing you to adjust the settings as required. 

A collage of two photos of my hand holding the Actigun massage gun gifted for this review. The gun is set against the green of the tree in the garden. The first photo is the Actigun on the side, the second shows the digital display on the back, which faces you as you use it.

Massage Heads

  • 1&2 : Bullet Head (x2 sizes)- deep tissue massage, targeted massage and joint injuries
  • 3 : U-Shaped Head – massaging spine, achilles and neck
  • 4 : Rubble Gas Head – all areas of the body
  • 5 : M&L Ball Head – larger muscle groups like the back, thighs, calves, buttocks and arms
  • 6 : Flat Head – all parts of the body for muscle relaxation

Smarter Massage

What really sets this bad boy apart from similar massagers is the built in AI Smart Chip. This humanisation of the product is designed to enable the massager to react to your muscles and specific needs, adjusting the percussive strength as required. The chip can enable faster, more effective and quieter performance, tailor made to your body. It also prevents the massager from overloading, overcharging or overheating, for safe operation and peace of mind. 


This uses a 12.5V / 2550mAH lithion-ion battery, giving the Ace 4+hrs of runtime on a single charge. When the battery is depleted, it’s recommended you charge for 4-5hrs to fully juice it up and don’t leave it unattended while charging.

The Ace gun has a digital display and control buttons for adjusting the massaging power. The display shows the massage power level to the left, and the battery life remaining before it’ll need recharging to the right.

There are 6 levels on this gun : 

Level 1- 1500r/min   /  Level 2 – 1900r/min  /  Level 3 – 2300r/min  /  Level 4 – 2700r/min  /  Level 5 – 3100r/min  / Level 6 – 3500r/min

As you can see, level 1 is the lowest and slowest, and level 6 is the most powerful, so be cautious when using the 5th and 6th levels.


The price is the only downside I can see here because it’s not cheap. On the website, the Actigun classic sells for £99.99 (RRP £299.99) and the Ace sells for £169.99 (RRP £600). I don’t personally believe the RRP but the current prices you can buy these massage guns are – after using one myself and shopping around – more reasonable than I originally thought.

I’ve seen surprisingly similar massage guns online and I’ve tried to compare them from the specifications and reviews. The cheaper ones are better for your purse, but the quality, technology and power appear much lower. Reviews are more hit and miss for the cheaper non-branded versions, and even if you spend £60 on one it’s a lot of money if the product doesn’t do as intended and you don’t have reliable customer service if you need a replacement or repair. 

Having used Actigun, I can see why it’s pricier and why it gets rave reviews. It’s high tech, it’s top quality, it’s effective. It’s better value for money if it lasts you longer and you get good use from it, and there’s some peace of mind that you’re getting a known brand and customer support. 

You get a lot more bang for your buck with Actigun so I can see it being a worthwhile investment given the potentially priceless benefits.

Website & Customer Service 

The products can only be purchased directly on the Actigun website and they deliver worldwide.

24/7 customer service is offered. On their Contact Us page, you can contact them by the email address provided, use the web form, or even meet them in person if you’re in the Hong Kong area! If you’re not nearby then fear not, for a telephone number is also provided. 

I’ve not had to use their customer service but my interactions with their team in relation to this review have been positive.

The website is very basic but it contains the key information you might need and it’s very simple to navigate to the Actigun or Actigun Ace for purchase. I would have liked to have seen additional pages, more versatile navigation and some background on the company itself. I would also have liked to see more information on the likes of shipping costs, and whether they’re on any social media. 

Generally speaking, the website just seems a bit barebones and not the swish getup I’d anticipate from a big company with a badass product like this. That said, it’s still a young brand and instead of faffing with websites, they’re probably more able to focus on customer service and the product itself, which is what really matters.

How To Use

Given the pressure of the gun, it’s recommended that you wear clothing (you can still massage in the buff, just cover the part your massaging with clothing). They also advise that you massage any single area for only one minute at a time, and that you don’t use it on your head or any bony parts.

  1. When you first get the gun, you’ll need to fully charge the battery. Simply plug it in and ensure the gun itself isn’t on when charging. 
  2. Select the head required for your purposes.
  3. Turn on the power switch at the base of the handle.
  4. Use the +/- buttons on the gun to increase or decrease massage power.
  5. Massage away! 
  6. Change the head to massage other areas, or once finished turn off and store safely.

If you’ve used the massager for an hour, it’s recommended you turn it off for at least half an hour before using again. This is because it’s a powerful piece of kit and for safety purposes you want to avoid overheating, so give it time to cool between long uses.

Maintenance  –  You can wipe down the surface of the massager with a slightly damp cloth, then pat dry with a soft dry cloth. If you’re storing it for an extended period of time, recharge the battery fully. 

A collage of two photos for the Actigun Massage Gun review. To the left is my hand holding the small, black carry case against a green tree in the garden for a background. To the right is the case open on a chair in the garden to show the massager and various attachments inside.

★ ★ ★

My Experience 

I’ve struggled with my neck and shoulders for a little while now, particularly with knotted muscle that makes the subluxation (popping out) of my shoulder joints all the worse. While I’m seeing a private physiotherapist for massage therapy, this is very expensive and I always feel like I need more. To have something that provides relief in between appointments would be brilliant. To have a tool that negates the need for so many of these pricey appointments, even better! 

The massager feels incredibly solid and robust. It’s weightier than I’d imagined, but it’s manageable, especially as you should only do a minute on any specific area at a time. It’s far better to be heavier and robust than tacky plastic that’ll fall apart, that’s for sure! 

As well as the gun feeling solid, it looks the part, too. It’s professional and sleek, with a modern, minimalistic design. All of the interchangeable heads likewise look and feel top quality, with no rough edges or poorly finished connections.

You can see you’re paying for quality for every element. Meanwhile, the neat case makes for much more convenient use and storage. 

The Actigun is very user-friendly and easy to get to grips with. I like that the interchangeable heads just pop in place, so impaired dexterity shouldn’t be a problem there, and the digital screen is handy to have, making it simple to adjust the level you’re on or see how much battery’s left.

The battery itself has a very respectable life between charges, so you should get a fair bit of use from it before needing to recharge.

The power behind this little beauty is impressive. I’m quite petite so I’ve been using it on levels 1 and 2, which I find to be powerful enough for me. The only slightly tricky part is avoiding bone because, well, we have quite a few of them and they’re not that far spaced apart when you’re a short arse like me. 

A photo of me in the garden against a green tree holding the Actigun massage gun gifted for this review. I'm wearing an Alice In Wonderland black t-shirt.

You can feel the vibrations through your arms as you use it. It takes some getting used to as you figure out what works best for you, where to use it and with which attachments, and how much pressure to apply so as to get a smooth motion rather than it jumping up and down over your skin. 

I anticipated some problems holding and using this because of the weight, and yet I actually got on with it just fine for the most part. I don’t think I could do an extended use of time because I don’t have the muscles in my arms for much more than crushing a grape these days. That shouldn’t really matter too much because you’re only hitting one point for a max of 60 seconds at a time anyway. 

I’ve managed my neck/shoulder area at the top far more easily than I’d anticipated. Problems with joints and mobility can make the back area harder to reach with any device, so that’s not an issue with Actigun at all. If you have such issues but have someone who could help you out, then that would be ideal.

This does a wonderful job when it comes to working out tension and knots in muscles. I could feel the relief almost instantly and it’s much, much easier to get precision treatment with this than with a massage wrap or shiatsu style neck massager. 

Furthermore, it’s also a lot more convenient than bulkier massagers that you have to plug in and stuff in a cupboard – the Actigun takes up minimal space and you can use it anywhere cordlessly. For someone like me, that also means I’m more likely to actually use it regularly!

I fully intend to continue using this. Once you get the feel for what works for you, you start to realise just how useful and convenient is actually is. Knowing that such percussive massage therapy can also help with circulation, rehabilitation, range of movement and more are all added bonuses that make this so worthwhile.

Further Praise For Actigun

Actigun proudly displays some reviews and promotional information on their website. For instance, the quote from Cheyenne Parker, basketball player for WNBA Chicago Sky, who credits the Actigun for helping with “back pain, fixes neck pain, relieves sore muscles, and it’s known to be the most powerful and effective massage gun”. 

The Actigun has been rated and featured on the likes of cnet, Mashable, Entrepreneur, ABC’s Good Morning America, and New York Post.

It’s also been featured on the Kelly Clarkson show in the US, where the product was demonstrated and came highly recommended.

★ ★ ★

Actigun Review : In Conclusion 

This is an impressive pro-level device whether you go for the classic or Ace version, versatile enough to satisfy various needs and effective enough prove its worth in the long run. 

While I’ve not been wowed by the website and I’d like to hope improvements will be made in that respect, I’m very pleased with the device itself and the customer service from the brand.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by just how nifty this massage gun is. It’s incredibly convenient, especially compared to larger massage wraps, which is makes regular use that bit easier. The various massage heads, speed settings and AI chip allow for greater flexibility and customisation to your individual needs, and the potential benefits are priceless.

Actigun Massage Gun Review : Summary Pros & Cons

  • Excellent build quality and finish 
  • High tech with an AI chip for efficiency and safety
  • Packs a punch with the power & the 6 levels allow for adequate customisation as to your needs
  • Range of heads for different areas for versatility 
  • Very respectable battery life (the Ace is 4hrs+ between charges)
  • Very convenient being cordless, which also makes it portable
  • Handy carry case with the pro version for very neat storage
  • Straightforward to pick up and use
  • Range of potential benefits with effective results 
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Costly (though arguably a worthwhile investment and you get top quality for your dosh)
  • Fairly weighty so those with significant arm weakness may find it less convenient unless you have help. However, you should only hold it in one spot for up to a minute so it’s likely to be manageable for most.

★ ★ ★

Check Out Actigun

This massage gun is one I’d absolutely recommend for convenience, quality and effective results, whether your needs are for chronic pain, circulation or fitness and muscle issues.

Actigun can be purchased via the website, where you can also find further information on the product. They deliver worldwide.

The Actigun Website (Sadly it seems no longer available)

A collage of three sections. To the left is me holding the Actigun and heads. The second is my hand holding the massage gun. The third on the right is a black section with green and white text, with Actigun Review at the top and the following quote : "This is an impressive pro-level device, With Potential Benefits that Are Priceless"
A black scroll divider.

Caz  ♥

[ The Actigun was gifted in return for an honest review, which I have provided here. No affiliate links are included. ]

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Blogging_with_Bojana July 28, 2021 - 4:38 pm

Wow. I love it.

InvisiblyMe July 30, 2021 - 5:18 pm

It’s pretty awesome, right? ????

Sandee July 28, 2021 - 5:12 pm

These kinds of things work very well. I remember my physical therapy days where something similar was used. Wonderful effects.

Have a fabulous day, Caz. Big hug. ♥

InvisiblyMe July 30, 2021 - 5:20 pm

They really are very handy & effective, aren’t they? Surprisingly so ????

Big hugs right back at’cha lovely! I hope you two have a great weekend xx

Looking for the Light July 28, 2021 - 5:23 pm

Hi Caz
You look beautiful and happy in this photo! Looks like the massage helped. Sound like a device I could use! Great review as always. Take care. Did you see the latest Get Blogged Best Chronic Illness Bloggers post of FB? You still on there this year, so am I. Happy to see us on the list. I posted on my site today if you didn’t see.
Take care and email when you’re not so sick or busy. I’m doing ok, my knee is healing great, the doctor r said I’m a month ahead of schedule so I’m happy about that. Next is deal with my allergies and other ongoing issue insurance doesn’t want to pay for. When it’s expensive they can find a reason, but I’m not sick all the time so I’m not fighting the claim, yet.
Talk to you soon.

InvisiblyMe July 31, 2021 - 4:12 pm

It’s an impressive little device! I’m pleasantly surprised by how good quality it actually is & I figured this sort of thing could benefit a lot of folks. I did see the Get Blogged round-up of chronic illness bloggers, yes – I commented on your post about it the other day I think. It’s great, isn’t it? ???? Have a restful weekend, lovely. Keep making your doctor proud with your recovery! xx

pugyoums July 28, 2021 - 5:54 pm

Wow, that IS impressive! Beautiful photo of you.

InvisiblyMe July 31, 2021 - 4:31 pm

That is very kind of you to say! ???? If I could get away with a paper bag over my head I really would ???? It’s a surprisingly solid piece of kit, surpassed my expectations anyway. I hope you have a relaxing weekend lovely xx

Ashley July 28, 2021 - 6:23 pm

Sounds fabulous!

InvisiblyMe July 31, 2021 - 4:38 pm

It’s definitely not bad at all! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality & effectiveness of it. I just wish it weren’t my back and shoulders that most need massaging ????

Liz July 28, 2021 - 7:28 pm

Certainly looks good quality and which ever you buy, good value. I did wonder whether it would be weighty. So I am glad you talked about how you managed using it.
I shall stick with my spikey ball though and its same when you use that, you avoid going on bony bits.

InvisiblyMe July 31, 2021 - 5:06 pm

It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? I can only talk for how I found it and assume that those with mobility issues or any arm weakness might find it awkward or too hard, especially trying to get to the inconvenient areas like upper back/shoulders. It was easier than I anticipated though, and it helps that you can only hold it on one region for a minute at a time. The spikey balls are pretty good too – I’m glad you’ve got those to use. I tried to use one against a wall to get around my neck/shoulders as I couldn’t reach properly but I couldn’t get the knack of it without the ball dropping to the floor ???? xx

Blanca July 28, 2021 - 8:33 pm

Hi Caz! I think many people suffering from chronic pain -me included!- may highly benefit from using this impressive massage device. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

InvisiblyMe July 31, 2021 - 5:47 pm

And thank YOU for reading & the fab comment, I really appreciate it! It’s a great little device, more powerful than I imagined it would be and very good quality too. I’m sorry you know what it’s like living with chronic pain. It’s always worth seeing what’s out there to try because things work differently for everyone, and I imagine this could help a lot of folks. Have a lovely weekend ???? xx

Ami July 28, 2021 - 10:22 pm

I could definitely use one of these, especially for my neck and shoulders. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to not have any tension! Sounds like I need to invest in one of these bad boys! Xx

InvisiblyMe July 31, 2021 - 6:09 pm

I can’t remember what ‘normal’ shoulders are like either ???? I’ve got a long way to go to strengthen the muscle so my shoulder joints stop popping out, but this can help in the mean time with the tense and knotted muscles. I think a bit of massage in those areas could do you a world of good, too! I tried one of those shiatsu wrap things and I don’t think I’d recommend – the one I tried was good when it’s at the very top of your neck, otherwise it just continually hits bone on your shoulder blades, and the thing takes up way too much space. The gun on the other hand is neat to store, much easier to use and targets specific areas. Win win! xx

Carolyn Page July 29, 2021 - 10:35 am

A wonderful review, Caz; and the images of you are also wonderful… 😉
You look like a girl whose just had a very enjoyable massage.

InvisiblyMe July 31, 2021 - 6:10 pm

Hahah that’s about as exciting as things get for me! ????

Thanks, Carolyn. I’m glad you liked the review. I hope you & the family are keeping as well as possible. Are you hitting the pole again sometime soon? I hope we get photos! xx

Kymber July 29, 2021 - 3:16 pm

I’d never heard of a massage gun before. My skin hurts to the touch, so I’ve never tried massage therapy. I loved seeing the pic of your pretty face. xo 🙂

InvisiblyMe July 31, 2021 - 11:25 pm

I consider myself lucky in that regard because while I have some areas very painful to the touch, most is just uncomfortable. I’m still quite ‘delicate’ with something like this, but I just do a few seconds and move it around. I can see why you wouldn’t try massage, but that’s quite a catch 22 if you get more pain with knotted muscles or similar. I’m sorry, Kymber. That really sucks. Sending extra gentle hugs ???? xx

Despite Pain July 29, 2021 - 6:23 pm

This looks good!! It looks like a solid fairly heavy duty piece of equipment. I wondered about the heaviness of it, so it’s good to see that you were able to use it without any problems.

I have bought massagers in the past which have been cheap, and they end up getting tossed not long afterwards. That old saying about getting what you pay for is probably true.

I hope that you find it helps you and brings you some relief, Caz.

InvisiblyMe August 1, 2021 - 2:21 pm

It definitely pleasantly surprised me in terms of how good quality it is. But yes, it’s also a bit heavier than I’d imagined as a result of the quality & the battery. While I don’t have much (any) muscles these days, I found it not too bad because you only hold it in one area for a short amount of time. Doing the neck/shoulder area is harder, but doable. Anyone with arm or hand weakness though may find this trickier. My mum, who at 73 is now somehow stronger than I am ????, used it without any issues. Go figure!

I’m sorry you’ve had to throw massagers in the past. Going for the cheaper options is tempting though, I’m like that with a lot of things too. In some instances you learn the hard way to pay more for better value for money, but only if you can feel sure it really will be good. Of course, being pricier doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a piece of junk. Thankfully this one really is fab!

Thanks for the great comment, Liz. I hope you have a restful Sunday ???? xx

Masha July 29, 2021 - 8:54 pm

Oh wow it sounds like a terrific product, you always give such great reviews, thank you Caz

InvisiblyMe August 1, 2021 - 2:33 pm

I think it’s a great option that many people could perhaps consider, and I was certainly impressed with it Thanks, Masha – I’m really glad you like my reviews. It’s a pleasure to be able to share things that might be beneficial with everyone here (well, the ones that turn out to be good, at least!) ???? xx

Em James July 30, 2021 - 4:20 pm

You really do do very, very good reviews. You give so much useful detail and it’s nice to see a reviewer that’s honest and genuine with it too. I think hubby would like this. His birthday will be coming up in about two months so I might see if I can get him one. That way he can use it on my back and shoulders too! I like the carry case this one comes in. A small point but it helps to keep things together and I suppose some people will travel a lot so that would come in handy then as well. Very well done with this. Brilliant.

InvisiblyMe August 1, 2021 - 4:54 pm

Aww thank you very much, Em! ???? I think gifting your hubby one of these would certainly put a smile on his face, and it’s a win-win when he can give you a massage too! I agree with you on the carry case. It’s certainly very neat and I like that it’s easy to store because we’re short on space in this house. I’m really glad you like the review, thank you – I hope you have a great week ahead! x

The Oceanside Animals July 30, 2021 - 4:31 pm

Lulu: “Wow! I’ve heard of percussive maintenance for things like TVs and jukeboxes. I’m glad to hear it works for humans, too!”
Charlee: “Percussive maintenance?”
Lulu: “Oh, yeah, like the Fonz used to do in that old show ‘Happy Days’.”
Chaplin: “When and why have you been watching ‘Happy Days’?”
Lulu: “Not much else to do during the pandemic is there?”

InvisiblyMe August 1, 2021 - 4:55 pm

I’d never heard of percussive maintenance before, Lulu. You are super smart! Happy Days is a classic. Not a bad choice of pandemic viewing ????

Michele Anderson July 31, 2021 - 1:34 am

Sounds wonderful Caz 🙂

InvisiblyMe August 1, 2021 - 4:56 pm

It’s pretty fab! I hope it can helps others that might benefit from this or are curious as to how they work. Have a lovely week ahead, Michele ???? xx

James Viscosi July 31, 2021 - 6:24 pm

Years ago I went to a chiropractor who had a little percussion gun he would use on the neck and back muscles. First time I had ever seen such a thing. It wasn’t especially powerful since it was strictly powered by some kind of spring-loaded trigger thing ― sounds like these would pack a bigger punch!

InvisiblyMe August 1, 2021 - 5:02 pm

Sounds like things have certainly advanced since your trip to that chiropractor! This is certainly far more powerful than I’d ever imagined it would or even could be. That it has a rechargeable battery also made me think it’d be less powerful I suppose. Did you find the percussion gun was helpful at all? I’d not seen these sorts of things until perhaps last year, and now there are a few about but with big variations in quality and spec. Thanks for the comment – I hope you and the furballs are keeping as well as possible! ???? x

ellenbest24 August 9, 2021 - 2:23 am

You write an impressive review, I am seriously considering one myself because of your experience. The website unfortunately is a bit of a put off so I wouldn’t have considered it at all without such a strong recommendation.


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