The Ultimate Thyroid Resource : Sneak Peek

I wanted to share a fantastic book that the author, Rachel Hill, kindly sent me. There will be many of you out there with a thyroid condition and it’s an invisible, chronic illness that poses…

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Recent Awards Round-Up

I’m rather late to the party with these (and by ‘rather’ I mean incredibly) and I don’t typically do awards on here. However, I wanted to acknowledge them and the amazing fellow bloggers who’ve so…

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Give Your Vit D Levels A Boost This Winter

I’ve posted quite some time ago now about Vitamin D deficiency and the things to know about the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’. As the daylight reduces and winter seeps in, it’s a good time to get a reminder…

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[ Guest Post ] 6 Tips For Preventing Cavities In Children

Today I wanted to share a guest post on preventing cavities in children as this is something that seems to be gaining more press attention with too many little ones having dental issues. It’s good…

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Frugal Friday [ 09/11/18 ]

Happy Friday! I’m a bit of a grump monster, being on week 4 of the flu and having had a few extra migraines and stoma problems thrown in for good luck lately. I’m playing catch-up…

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Tired, Dry Eyes? 5 Ways to Soothe Your Peepers

Dry, tired eyes can be very uncomfortable, yet it’s quite common. The reasons for it vary. It could be due to dry eye syndrome, also referred to as keratoconjunctivitis sicca, when tears evaporate too quickly or…

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[ Guest Post ] What Depression Treatments Are Available to Me?

Today I wanted to share a great guest post to illustrate some of the psychological treatment options available when it comes to depression. Please kindly note that any opinions expressed are of that of the…

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Ferinject Iron Infusion : What You Need To Know

Having had my first iron infusion this year prior to my 5th op, I thought I’d share a little on the procedure and what to expect. It’s also worth keeping this in mind if you…

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When It Gets Overwhelming… Just Breathe

Sometimes endless to-do lists, chronic pain, illness and general stresses in our lives can be overwhelming. Worries and thoughts can repeat on a loop and take over, creating a vicious cycle of stress while taking…

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Invisible Disabilities Week [ 14th – 20th Oct 2018 ]

Okay, so it seems like there’s a day, week or month for everything lately, but that’s what raising awareness is all about, having these times to make a push for change.  Last year, there was…

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