The Need For Diverse Representation In The Fashion Community

Today I’m sharing a guest post a little different to the norm. I’m a strong believer in challenging the concepts of beauty, celebrating all bodies in their wonderfully unique, different forms, shapes, sizes, orientations, colours…

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From One Sarcastic Little Shit To Another – Happy Mother’s Day

This day can be difficult and painful for many; I don’t want to be insensitive covering Mother’s Day so please feel free to avoid this post if it may be triggering. There are many who…

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Ladies, Lend Me Your Ears : Don’t Forget Your Smears!

I’ve written previously about what involved during a smear test, getting your results & any treatment that may be required, which you can read here. In the UK, the NHS estimates that around 5 million…

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Quick Quote : Gandhi & Strength Through The Tough Days

Times can get really tough. There are days when we lose hope, when we can’t see the future, and when we’re not sure whether we’ll make it through. But we can and we will, just…

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What Does Science Say About CBD Oil & Migraines?

Today I wanted to share an intriguing guest post that will likely be relevant to a lot of you out there who, like myself, struggle with migraines. CBD oil is an interesting topic as so…

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Hello March!

March has crept up & smacked me in the face today. I love the idea of spring around the corner but I’ll admit I’m horrified to think two months of the year have already disappeared…

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From Cupid With Love : The Gift of Self-Care This Valentine’s

Is it like Marmite to you, either love it or hate it? Maybe you’re ambivalent, or perhaps you couldn’t care less? I’m more towards the latter two – I hope those doing something with their…

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A Few Blogging Bits

I thought I’d just do a brief update of a few blogging bits & pieces for a change of pace today. How is everyone doing? I do hope you’re all managing as well as possible…

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It’s Time To Talk… Mental Health 2019 – Why It’s Important & My Experience

What’s It All About? February 7th 2019 marks Time To Change’s UK initiative for mental health – Time to Talk Day. The campaign focusing on stigma, promoting the on opening up of conversations where embarrassment,…

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