Bullying, Stomas & Stigma

To say that kids can be cruel is an understatement, and the impact is has on the recipient can be painfully damaging to say the least. Having a stoma can be hard for anyone. I…

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I Didn’t Realise B12 Was A Fashion Accessory

I came upon a news story recently talking about the ‘craze’ of ‘fashionable B12 injections’. Apparently, as a few celebrities have been telling the world they’ve been perking themselves up with these jabs and the…

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12 Life-Changing Reads & Self-Help Books For 2019

With attempts to renew hope and motivation for the New Year, I thought I’d share a few life-changing reads and self-help books to reignite your spark. These are reads to inspire, encourage, empower and enlighten,…

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Interview : Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism

Today I want to share an interview with Rachel, the author of the fab book I gave a little sneak peek at in December – Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate (When You’re Sick and Tired…

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Merry Grinchmas!

Christmas is dawning on us again for those who celebrate it, whether we like it or not fellow festive-lovers and Grinchies. It’s a different experience for everyone at this time of year. It can be…

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Just For Giggles – December Funnies

Hello hello, how is everyone? I’m really glad I drafted this ready to post a little while ago so I can just add a little update then hit publish. As is what happens with best…

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The Ultimate Thyroid Resource : Sneak Peek

I wanted to share a fantastic book that the author, Rachel Hill, kindly sent me. There will be many of you out there with a thyroid condition and it’s an invisible, chronic illness that poses…

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Recent Awards Round-Up

I’m rather late to the party with these (and by ‘rather’ I mean incredibly) and I don’t typically do awards on here. However, I wanted to acknowledge them and the amazing fellow bloggers who’ve so…

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Give Your Vit D Levels A Boost This Winter

I’ve posted quite some time ago now about Vitamin D deficiency and the things to know about the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’. As the daylight reduces and winter seeps in, it’s a good time to get a reminder…

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[ Guest Post ] 6 Tips For Preventing Cavities In Children

Today I wanted to share a guest post on preventing cavities in children as this is something that seems to be gaining more press attention with too many little ones having dental issues. It’s good…

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