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CBDiablo Review & 10% Off Discount Code

by InvisiblyMe
A photo of my hand holding the three CBDiablo products in this review, which includes a regular back of gummies, a mini pack of gummies and a bottle of CBD oil. Below is the post title, with two red pitchfork cartoons either side : CBDiablo CBD Review & 10% Off Discount Code.

Bringing devilish delights to their consumers is CBDiablo, a UK-based small business quietly but fiercely taking the CBD industry by storm. The brand kindly gifted me some products so I can share my honest thoughts with you here in this CBDiablo review. I’m pleased to be able to introduce you to this wickedly awesome brand, one that’s definitely worth considering if you use CBD or are interested in giving it a try. 

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About The CBDiablo Brand

CBDiablo is the creation of two friends, Ian and Sam, who have turned their small UK business into a strong contender within the burgeoning worldwide CBD industry. From their HQ in Edinburgh, the brand offers delivery to UK and Europe, with free next day delivery for UK customers.

I’ve been in touch with Ian, co-founder of CBDiablo, for some time now. He’s a great guy and it has been fascinating learning how their company started and how it flourished, with the underlying current being their genuine passion to help others.

These two guys have experienced their own dark days, and it’s this personal journey with mental health that has driven them to want to help others. Their compassion is inspiring, and they work hard to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and they do their bit to support the cause, which I find admirable. 

They’ve introduced CBDiablo as a brand that could benefit the lives of their users, much in the way that CBD has been helpful in their own lives. 

“We set out to go against the grain and do the opposite of what the industry was doing. We wanted to create something that has depth, provides industry-leading CBD products, and a company that stands up for something!”

The “Good vs Evil” essence of behind CBDiablo’s name reflects the negative perception that cannabis and hemp have developed over the years. They’re using this “bad” ingredient, a natural plant, and making something good from it in a way that can benefit the lives of their consumers. 

The devilish twist also makes this a distinctive, memorable brand, setting it apart from the myriad CBD companies jumping the cannabidiol-scented band wagon. What also sets them apart from others is their sense of caring for their users, the quality ingredients, the transparent production details, the safe and reliable production. It makes me feel like I know I’m in good hands using this brand, and that’s what you want when it comes to something you’re using for your wellness and wellbeing.

“Well-being and happiness come from the small things and we wish to preserve that mentality in our company. The devil is always in the details.“

CBDiablo’s Work With CALM

Mental health issues have affected all those behind the CBDiablo brand. Figures show that male suicide is sadly the biggest killer of men in the UK under 45. The brand are passionate about raising awareness, developing products that could help and giving back to the cause.

At the time of writing (2021) CBDiablo is presently giving a whopping 20% of their profits to support mental health within the UK. The current recipient is CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably. CALM provides a priceless point of contact for mental health support, whether you want someone to talk to or you’re worried about someone you know and need a little advice. 

The Range

CBDiablo have an ever-growing catalogue of CBD products. These loosely fall within the following categories: 

  • CBD Oil – Varying strengths and the option of minimal or no THC. A spray version is also available
  • Gummies – Vegan gummies in mini (5 pieces) and large (30 pieces) packet sizes
  • Capsules – Convenient capsules in different CBD strengths 
  • Dab & Crumble – Designed primarily for dabbing or vaping in a range of flavours 
  • Vape – Vape pen, battery, cartridge and kits available. Vape strain in various tempting flavours like wedding cake & tangerine dream
  • Hemp Paste – Versatile for use with food, oil supplementation or sublingual ingestion 
  • Merch – New category while stocks last for t-shirts to support the brand & charity

You’ll notice that many oil, paste and capsules products are thematically named, which is pretty quirky for a CBD brand and I like the exclusive appeal this exudes. For instance, oils are given the names likes Cherub, Ophanim, Dina, Deity and Virtue, while the hemp paste is called El Tenedor Del Diablo. 

I like the varying range of strengths these products are available in, as well as the brand offering users the choice of totally THC-free, or a minimal legal level amount. This provides a fantastic selection for all types of users and puts the control in our hands to make a decision for ourselves.

The range is already due to grow, with an exciting new development coming soon – Cthulhu 500mg is a funky new Liposomal CBD product. Lipsomal CBD is designed to enhance the bioavailability of the cannabinoids thanks to a surrounding them in a substance the body finds easier to absorb.

A close-up photo of my hand holding the three CBDiablo products for this review, including a larger pack of 30 gummies, a mini pack of gummies and the regular CBD oil. All products are in a black and red design. The photo is taken in front of a green leafy tree in my garden.

Key Features Of The CBDiablo Products

  • Lab-tested for safety and quality
  • Natural plant power with raw hemp plant extract
  • Both 100% THC-free CBD & legal THC level products available
  • Developed to heighten the entourage effect 
  • MCT oil based products to improve absorption rate 
  • True full-spectrum hemp bioactives
  • Made in the UK 
  • Organically grown, pesticide-free European hemp
  • Vegan friendly
  • Produced to sustainable standards, including packaging
  • Packaged in an ISO9001 and BRCGS-approved facility
  • Lab reports readily available 

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CBD is classed as a food supplement in the UK. THC is illegal above a certain level, hence the low or THC-free offerings from CBDiablo for UK customers. While natural, any product could have potential side-effects or interactions with other products or medications. The brand notes to not use CBD if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, and to never exceed 70mg in any given day. If in doubt, always speak to your doctor first. 

Website, Shipping & Customer Service

The website is neat and simplified, making browsing a more streamlined process where you can easily see what you’re looking at. I like that the brand give you ample information on CBD and their own production process, while they also provide a blog with varied posts to educate consumers and answer the questions they may have about cannabidiol. CBDiablo give thorough information on each product page, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether it’s something you want to try, and I appreciate them making lab reports easy to access, too.

I feel like it’s a supportive experience from start to finish, one you can have confidence in for the quality, reassurance and reliability.

Placing your order is pretty common sense and checking out is straightforward. The only tiny issue I found was the lack of a permanent shopping basket icon, which is no biggie and turns out to be a technical issue. I only raise this because the CBDiablo guys are very amenable to feedback and it’s great to know that the thoughts of their customers is taken to heart & used to develop their service.

The brand is engaged with their social channels and they cultivate a sense of community, bringing together users of the CBDiablo family. You can also subscribe on the website to get yourself offers, exclusive discounts and a monthly newsletter. 

CBDiablo offer shipping to the UK & Europe. It’s free next day delivery with DPD to the UK, while delivery to Highlands & Islands is via Royal Mail. Delivery to Europe comes with a small charge, calculated at the checkout.

My CBDiablo Products

CBD Gummies – Mini & Large Packs

Mmmmmm, gummies. I have a very sweet tooth, so these really appealed to me and luckily they didn’t disappoint.

The CBDiablo Gummies come in mini packs with 5 pieces, which you can buy a single one or several of, and a larger pack with 30 pieces. The former is great for taking on the go, sampling the gummies before getting a larger bag or giving as gifts, while the latter is perfect for regular use or sharing.

These gorgeous gummies come in different flavours to give you a dose of vibrant loveliness : lemon & lime, strawberry, mango and raspberry. The flavourings and colourings are fully natural, with the likes of fruit and veg juice contributing to the colourful array of gummies.

This is a “delicious treat for your Endocannabinoid System” that’s vegan-friendly, GMO-free, 100% natural, and contain 10mg hemp-derived CBD with 0% THC. What’s more, the brand explains that these are “produced to sustainable standards”, even down to the packaging.

A collage of two photos. To the left is a close-up of my hand holding the larger pack of CBDiablo gummies and the one to the right is my hand holding the mini pack, both of which feature in the CBDiablo CBD Review. The photos are taken in front of a green leafy tree in my garden.
Large pack to the left, mini pack to the right.
How To Use

Suck, chew and enjoy the flavour experience. As a rough guide, the brand notes that 1 to 3 gummies either once or twice a day is pretty average, but of course it depends on your preferences and needs. Knowing the CBD per gummy cube means it’s easier to calculate how much you’re having each time, and CBDiablo state to not exceed 70mgs, aka 7 gummies, in any 24hr period.


These are cute little cubes of deliciousness. They’re different the other gummies I’ve tried from another brand, both in terms of texture and taste. They’re more firm, like Haribo but with a chunkier, more gelatinous inside. They have a light sugary coating to give them an extra pop and crunchier outer experience, and the flavour is zesty from the get-go.

I love that these use natural colours and flavourings, so while they may look and seem like sweets, you’re getting the goodness of nature with CBD and no hidden nasties. They’re more on the tart or sour side than sickly sweet, and you get more of a genuine fruity edge than a faux fruit flavour. The firmer texture also means each cube lasts a little longer, especially if you suck them for quite some time before trying to chew. It’s a taste of willpower, but it’s worth it. I find I don’t overdo these in the way I might be inclined to with sweets, and they fit very conveniently into my day with no frills, no hassles, and no resistance from me whatsoever. Nom nom!

A bird's eye view of the CBDiablo mini bag of CBD gummies on a black marble kitchen counter. The five different coloured cubes are spaced out above the bag.

CBD 1000mg Raw CBD Oil 

According to CBDiablo, this raw 10% CBD oil is their most popular product. You can see why it’s their flagship oil because it’s simple, straightforward and good quality, making it versatile and suited to a wider audience.

This is 100mg / 10% CBD oil, which comes in a bottle with a dropper. This allows you to easily put a drop(s) under your tongue or wherever else you want it to go, no mess and no fuss.

I like the tagline for this product : “Relinquish your demons”. The devilish theme brings their array of products together and makes CBDiablo a very distinctive brand. 

In your 10ml bottle of 100% natural raw hemp, you’ll get yourself around 200 drops. The product is cannabis Sativa L. Oil made with hemp-seed oil and natural hemp extract, with each drop containing roughly 5mg of cannabinoids. 

CBDiablo have gone to considerable lengths to ensure the quality and effectiveness of this oil by cultivating a formula that enhances the entourage effect. The combination of organic hemp seed oil, raw hemp extract and CBD distillate via CO2 extraction results in a superior quality oil full of goodness. You’ll get naturally-occurring phyto-cannabinoids, which include CBDa and CBG, terpenes, and the healthy fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9. 

Just like the rest of the range, it’s organically grown, pesticide-free European Hemp that’s made and bottled in the UK. It’s totally natural, lab-tested, Vegan friendly, full-spectrum (contains CBD, CBC, CBDa, CBG & legal THC levels), real plant terpenes, and it’s packed with goodness your body can love.

This is raw CBD oil. It’s not flavoured or watered down. This means that you get the depth of the hemp plant and its goodness, which includes the natural scent and taste. CBD tends to have quite an earthy, almost musty air to it when you use it under your tongue, and it’s fairly powerful.You do get used to it with time, and you can take a drink of water, have yourself a mint or brush your teeth afterwards if the aftertaste is unappealing. I’m not keen on natural CBD’s taste or smell, but this strangeness for a few minutes isn’t a hard trade in my mind if you get some benefit in the end. I like the brand’s honest approach to this : “Let’s be honest, what is good for us doesn’t always taste like sunshine and rainbows!” Very true. 

CBDiablo have calculated the cost per 5mgs as being 28p, which is not bad at all. When you buy any bottle of CBD from any brand, you’ll notice they’re not the cheapest of things. Breaking it down into serving cost is a good way to get a feel for what you’re getting, and I think the cost is very reasonable.

How To Use

The brand recommends the typical use for CBD oil with this product. Take 1 to 4 drops twice a day, ie. morning and evening. Place the drops under your tongue and leave there for about 60 seconds before swallowing, which will give it some time to absorb.

The other recommended instruction for use is topical application. Place a drop or a couple of drops onto the skin, then gentle massage it in for a minute or two to enhance absorption. This is a good alternative if you’re not keen on the oral route, have problems with absorption or if you just want to apply it to a particular area for chronic pain. 


This is a versatile oil that packs a punch. It’s raw, natural essence gives it that stronger taste but it’s something you can dispel after use with a mint or drink. While I’m a sucker for sweet things, I almost prefer that this is au natural and raw, because I know I’m taking CBD and it feels more like a ritual and routine for my wellbeing when taking it. Gummies, on the other hand, are in my mouth before I’ve even blinked. Don’t even know how they get there!

This particular oil is 10%, so it’s a good starter oil for those new to CBD or those who find a lower dose is effective enough for them. Even then it’s probably enough for higher dose users. I’d say that it’s already miles ahead of some of the other brands out there, including one high street brand I tried years ago. Even at 10%, the ingredients and production alone likely make this more viable and efficient.

This is easy to use, I didn’t find any mess with the dropper, and I used it confidently as I felt secure about the quality. An excellent all-rounder oil for fuss-free, top shelf CBD.

A close-up of my hand holding the CBDiablo CBD oil dropper bottle. The photo is taken in front of a green leafy tree in my garden.

CBDiablo – A Devilishly Good CBD Brand

I have prescription pharmaceuticals coming out the wazoo, so I like to have natural goodies alongside them in my toolbox for things like chronic pain, muscle spasms and aches, stress, etc, whether it’s a physical product or supplements. CBDiablo brings the power of nature into a convenient but more powerful format that can have varying benefits for those who find CBD works for them.

I can’t really comment on how CBD works for me because that’s not a reflection of whatever brand I’m reviewing or their products at all. Things work differently for everyone, and that goes for most things in life. You never know whether CBD will benefit you unless or until you try it, so this review is more about whether I think it’s a brand worth trying (yes) and give you an idea of what to expect from their products (excellence). 

CBD is not typically cheap, so calculating whether a brand is well-priced is a case of comparing it to the market and seeing what you’re actually getting for your pennies. I think the range is actually very reasonably priced, especially given the top-notch ingredients and production. Keep in mind, too, that this is a range of quality products from a small UK business that’s also currently donating 20% of profits to the CALM charity. I would have actually anticipated higher costs for their product before I saw their pricing.

The natural goodness here is pretty appealing, from the raw 100% natural hemp used for production, to the boost of Omega 3 and the low saturated fat levels.

CBDiablo radiate intelligence when it comes to their products, balanced with a healthy dose of humour. For instance, guidance on storage for the CBD oil reads: “Keep in a cool dry space away from fiery pits of hell (heat and sunlight)”. I love the unique brand CBDiablo has carved out for itself with the devilish design and good vs evil vibe. It stands apart from the crowd and it feels more exclusive.

I just find the essence of the brand incredibly appealing. There’s an authentic sense of compassion for users and passion for CBD that is hard to miss.

It’s great to be able to support a small UK business like CBDiablo and I hope the brand continues to flourish from its admirable efforts and top quality products.

A devilishly good brand that I highly recommend.

A rectangular collage of three sections. The first is the photo of all three CBDiablo products for this review with the green tree background and a small cat devil outline underneath. The middle image is of the gummy cubes on the black counter top. The third is a quote by InvisiblyMe that reads "A heartfelt company with a genuine desire to make a positive difference to people's lives. Their devilish passion for CBD is reflected in their superior quality products".

Find CBDiablo 

CBDiablo Website

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CBDiablo on Twitter | CBDiablo on Facebook | CBDiablo on Insta

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Do you use CBD or is CBDiablo a brand you’d like to try?

Caz  ♥

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Note : CBD is classed as a food supplement and no health claims can be made. Always speak to your GP before starting CBD if you have any queries, if you have a health condition, or if currently take other medications and supplements.

[ These products were gifted in return for an honest review, which I have provided here ]

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Ashley L. Peterson November 30, 2021 - 4:20 pm

That’s fantastic that they donate a portion of profits to CALM.

InvisiblyMe November 30, 2021 - 4:41 pm

Absolutely. It’s an admirable thing to be able to do & CBDiablo are able to make a real difference with their donations and efforts to raise awareness around mental health ????

Kymber Hawke November 30, 2021 - 5:51 pm

I love the name! And, I love that they donate to CALM. This seems like a good brand with a wide variety of product. xo

InvisiblyMe December 3, 2021 - 2:40 pm

It’s an awesome brand name, isn’t it? They’re very dynamic and have a wickedly cheeky sense of humour, yet with there’s such intelligence and passion for their products and around supporting the mental health cause. Absolutely brilliant. xx

Jo Jackson November 30, 2021 - 7:10 pm

I love that Calm is supported

InvisiblyMe December 3, 2021 - 2:49 pm

It’s a very generous and admirable thing for a small business to do ????

Sandee November 30, 2021 - 8:40 pm

Well done as always. The support to CALM is amazing.

Have a fabulous day and week, Caz. Big hug. ♥

InvisiblyMe December 3, 2021 - 4:30 pm

Thanks very muchly, Sandee ???? The support to CALM really is brilliant, isn’t it? A compassionate brand with super duper products, very pleased with CBDiablo.

Have a great weekend ahead lovely! xx

Despite Pain December 1, 2021 - 3:09 pm

It looks like you’ve found another great company, Caz. Ethical and generous. 20% of their profits is high amount to donate to CALM, so the charity obviously means a lot to them. They’re putting their money where their mouth is. I like that.
They have a wide range of CBD products which is fantastic so there should be something for everyone. Like you say, we all have a different experience with CBD (just like meds) so people only know if it helps when they try it themselves.

Brilliant review of what appears to be an excellent company.

InvisiblyMe December 3, 2021 - 11:29 pm

Great way to call it, Liz – putting their money where their mouth is, I like that. I think they help with their products, online awareness-raising and actual cash donations, all of which add up and make a difference. It’s particularly admirable for a small company. I really like their catalogue and the products themselves are great quality so I feel confident using them (I like to be on the safe side with supplements!) I’m excited to see where they go from here with their range as I think they’re doing brilliantly well.

Thank you very much for reading and the great comment ???? xx

Clare Richardson December 1, 2021 - 3:12 pm

I was talking to my friend about CBD a few months back and she mentioned wanting something that was vegan but couldn’t find what she wanted. I have no idea about what’s vegan or not so I’ll send this over to her and she’ll have lots of choice. CBDiablo’s site is very cool, got my eye on a few things for myself already. Very well reviewed thanks Caz ❤️ and I agree with the other comments with how supporting mental health is brilliant. Well done CBDiablo.

InvisiblyMe December 3, 2021 - 11:34 pm

I’d never really contemplated whether CBD was vegan before but that’s a really good point. CBDiablo can appeal to a much wider audience with its product range and the fact its vegan-friendly so I hope your friend might be able to find something she likes and maybe yourself, too! Thanks for the comment, Clare ???? x

Rachel December 1, 2021 - 5:59 pm

Definitely a site to check out. My partner suffers from trapped nerves in his leg so these products may help him. Thanks for sharing. ????

InvisiblyMe December 4, 2021 - 4:12 pm

Ouch, trapped nerves are not fun at all, I’m sorry for your partner. I hope there’s something that can make things a little more tolerable and manageable for him ????

Lauren December 1, 2021 - 9:00 pm

I have tried various CBD oils and gummies but I haven’t heard of this brand. I like to use CBD for my Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain. Thank you for sharing your experience and this post.

Lauren – bournemouthgirl.com

InvisiblyMe December 4, 2021 - 4:30 pm

I’m really glad CBDiablo got in touch with me because they’re one of the best. Definitely well-worth checking out if you’re looking for a new brand to try, Lauren ???? I hope CBD can continue to provide you with some benefits because the smallest of help is worth it when living with fibro & chronic pain. xx

gemmaajaynee December 2, 2021 - 8:53 pm

I have used CBD drops before from a different brand, I have not heard of this brand before but it is great that they donate some money to CALM (brilliant cause). Thank you for sharing your experience and review xx

InvisiblyMe December 4, 2021 - 4:33 pm

What did you think of the drops you used before? There’s a big variation in quality between brands and with so many of them now it’s hard to know what to go for but I’ve been really impressed with CBDiablo so it’s one I can easily recommend. I’d say it’s definitely worth checking out their site to see if there’s anything you’d want to try if you felt like giving CBD another go or if you wanted to try a different format. Thanks for the comment, Gemmaa, I’m glad you like the review ???? x

The Oceanside Animals December 5, 2021 - 12:01 am

Lulu: “It sounds to me like these folks are not really Diablos at all!”

James Viscosi December 5, 2021 - 12:26 am

It’s great to see such a variety of products available these days! When we were using CBD oil years ago for Dennis the Vizsla’s hip issues, we had such a hard time getting it ― most people didn’t want to provide information on where to get it, and there wasn’t any standardization to speak of. And there certainly weren’t tart and sour gummies, which, by the way, look delicious!

ThePlainSimpleLife December 5, 2021 - 7:50 am

What a great brand you’ve found here. So good that they donate some of their proceeds to CALM and also that the ingredients are all natural and vegan friendly.

InvisiblyMe January 2, 2022 - 5:19 pm

I agree, it’s great that the products are top-quality and natural, and that the brand kindly donates to charity. Not easy for a small brand and yet they do it and they make a difference. Brilliant brand and product range. Thanks for the comment lovely! ????

Karalee December 5, 2021 - 4:01 pm

This looks like a great CBD brand & I want to try their gummies especially since they’re vegan!
I’ve tried raw CBD oil before, but I couldn’t get past the taste to continue using it so it’s great they offer flavored gummies.

InvisiblyMe January 2, 2022 - 5:21 pm

Yeah, CBD oil certainly has its own “unique” taste, takes some getting used to. I love gummies, much easier and more pleasant way to take CBD, and it makes it more fun. It’s great these are all vegan so more people can enjoy the range. I hope you love the brand if you give their stuff a try! xx

Katy May 5, 2022 - 11:23 pm

This looks like a great company, Caz!!! Love that they are vegan as well. Thank You! I hope You and Yours are well. Sending much, much Love Your way!!! ????❤️????


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