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Reakiro CBD Review + 15% Off Reakiro Discount Code

by InvisiblyMe

CBD has become increasingly popular in recent years, both among the general public and those with chronic illness or pain. The lovely guys at Reakiro kindly gifted me a couple of exciting CBD products from their range, and today I’m excited to be able to share with you my thoughts after testing them out.

Why CBD?

CBD is a classed as a food supplement, and while there are no definitive health claims that can be made, some users find cannabidiol has been beneficial for them in different ways. CBD can offer a range of potential benefits, with many choosing CBD for helping with general stress-relief and sleep. It’s also popular among those with chronic illness and those with chronic pain of different types. Whether you currently use CBD, have tried it in the past or have never given it a go, it doesn’t really matter. It may or may not do anything for you, and you should always speak to your doctor if you have queries or concerns, especially if you have a health condition or take other supplements and medications. CBD will work differently for everyone and there are various ways in which to take cannabidiol, too.

You don’t know how it’ll work for you until you try it, but with increasing brands hitting the market, how do you choose what to try? You need to make sure the brand is reliable and that the products are of top quality, and this is where consumer reviews can help. After my very positive experience with Reakiro, it’s a brand I’d definitely recommend checking out. Here’s why.

About Reakiro

Reakiro is a leading European CBD manufacturer and supplier, focussed on using the best quality ingredients and the most efficient production. Their CBD products are full spectrum oils made from top quality hemp, as tested by third-party labs, cultivated in the EU. 

What I love about the brand is how enthusiastic it is about CBD, believing in its value and prioritising quality and user experience at each step of the way. 

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Quality Of Products

The various compounds within the plant total over one hundred, consisting of various cannabinoids, flavonoids, essential oils and terpenes. These compounds work together in what’s known as an ‘Entourage Effect’, maximising the therapeutic effects of the resulting oil.  

The Reakiro product line is premium grade, full-spectrum CBD, lab tested and with less than 0.2% THC, made in the EU from EU certified seeds. 

Their products contain no pesticides, no harsh chemicals and no heavy metals. They’re all gluten-free, cruelty-free, non GMO and vegan friendly. 

A note on safety & responsible use : It’s important to note that while CBD may be natural, you can’t equate natural to safe and side-effect-free for everyone. As always, consult your doctor before starting new products and keep in mind any other medications or supplements you may be taking in case there are any potential interactions (you can read more about that here). If you notice any unwelcome side-effects or problems, discontinue use and speak to a medical professional. CBD is used as a supplement and not in place of medical intervention or a healthy balanced diet.


CBD can be a pricey endeavour. when comparing Reakiro against products I’ve previously used and against prices from other brands on the market, Reakiro’s prices seem very reasonable. For what you get, I’d say the prices are actually pretty competitive and provide good value for money as the products are superior quality, effective and, in the case of oil sprays and body products, a little goes a long way.

What’s more, the products come in various strengths and many of these are greater than comparative products from other brands that charge far higher prices. Reakiro also often have discount codes and offers that you can find on their social media channels to make your money go further, too.

Where Do They Deliver To?

Reakiro deliver to most European and EU countries, using GLS for standard delivery and DLH express for expedited delivery. For regular delivery via GLS, shipping is €10 or free for orders over €30 (around £26.71). Full details of shipping options can be found on their website. 

Product Range

Reakiro offer various CBD products with different strength levels so you should be able to find something suitable for you and your preferences. I’ll outline and review each of the products I was kindly gifted to try to give you a feel for what’s on offer.

Product Advisory : With all products, do not exceed stated dosage. Products are ‘not intended for pregnant or lactating mothers’, nor are they intended to prevent or cure any disease. Check the Reakiro website for further information or ask them directly if you have particular questions related to the product. Discontinue if you experience any adverse reactions or feel unwell and consult a medical professional. Speak to your  doctor if you’re unsure of anything, and to check this is safe and suitable alongside any other medications, OTC products or supplements you’re taking. 

Website, Ordering & Customer Service

The website is well laid out and easy to navigate, whether you want to browse or go directly to something you have in mind. Each product has ample information to help you make an informed decision, detailing the product ingredients, manufacture and usage/dosage.

You can also find further details on Reakiro and how they make their products, with certification and lab results for reassurance of the quality and authenticity of the products.

The Reakiro team is friendly and down to earth, so if you have any queries or concerns prior to buying or after purchase, you can easily get in touch by email, post, phone or social media.

When Reakiro sent me my goodies, I received a shipping update and was able to track the delivery, which arrived in very good time.

I was super pleased with how it was delivered, too. The products came in a sturdy cardboard box with a funky design and the bottles were packaged well to avoid any damage.

All four products laid next to each other on the grass.

Goddess Sativa Body Butter

450mg CBD – 100ml (Available in pomegranate / vanilla milk cream)

This is a full-spectrum CBD infused Body Butter. The ‘flavour’ I received is pomegranate. It’s not just about the CBD with this, it’s a properly creamy, moisturising delight. It contains natural ingredients to target dry skin, such as macadamia oil, coconut oil, Vitamin E and shea butter. The result is a butter with antioxidant, moisturising and anti-ageing properties that’s designed to leave skin feeling smooth, relieved, soft and supple. 

Me holding the body butter. It's a disc-shape tub in white. On the lid is the label in shiny pink. I'm holding the tub and I'm wearing red nail varnish, with the grass in my garden as the background.

It’s also a 450mg CBD-infused product, rich in flavonoids, Phyto-cannabinoids, amino acids, terpenes, vitamins and flavonoids, among other active compounds of the cannabis sativa.

To Use :

This can be used daily if desired. Simply get yourself a little of the buttery lotion and rub it into skin, focusing on the areas you most need it.

My Thoughts :

This has a wonderfully silky consistency, gently whipped and light so it’s easy to smooth on to skin. A little goes a long way, making it last longer. It absorbs quickly and leaves skin soft, without any greasy or sticky residue. This has been a pleasure to test as it works wonders for skin having used it on my arms, legs and upper décolletage area. It’s a convenient two-in-one option to have a moisturiser while also absorbing CBD for whole-body benefits.

Hemp CBD Capsules 

30 capsules – Varied CBD

You get 30 gel caps per bottle. These capsules come in different strengths, with potencies as follows : 

  • 10mg CBD per capsule > 300mg per bottle
  • 15mg CBD per capsule > 450mg per bottle
  • 25mg CBD per capsule > 750mg per bottle
  • 50mg CBD per capsule > 1500mg per bottle

I received the 750mg bottle. This means there are 30 capsules, 25mg CBD serving size (1 capsule), 750mg Hemp extract derived CBD.

Me holding the capsules tub. It's black and cylindrical, looking like a can of pop, with green, white and gold designs for the text.

To Use :

Recommended daily dose is 2 to 3 capsules, with the note that if you’re taking 50mg CBD per capsule (the 1,500mg bottle) then the dose is just 1 capsule per day. Take the capsule(s) with water when desired. Don’t exceed recommended dose.

Storage is straightforward, just a dry place away from extreme temps, so don’t refrigerate and keep it away from excessive light, humidity and heat. 

My Thoughts :

Capsules are a very practical CBD solution, so it’s fuss-free, quick and easy to get your dose. In terms of size, they’re pretty compact. They’re smaller than the Omega 3 capsules I’ve used and they have, for me at least, been well sized for easy swallowing.

These are flavour and smell-free; I’ve not noticed any scent or aftertaste from taking them, which is another plus if you’re not keen on oral oil drops with the earthy cannabidiol smell. The capsules are a particularly favourable option for expediency and portability, so you can more easily take them anywhere, popping them in your bag if you’re travelling.

Goddess Sativa CBD Warming Muscle Relief Gel 

500mg CBD – 100ml (Available as warming or cooling gel)

This is a warming gel designed to target muscle aches and pains. The warming therapy and microcirculation when you apply it helps to soothe the body thanks to the various ingredients, including :

Full spectrum CBD, rosemary essential oil (reducing pain and inflammation), camphor (relieves pain, increases localised blood flow and reduces itching), ginger essential oil (soothes redness and improves complexion), piper ngram oil (aids absorption), arnica and menthol (cooling for aches, bruises, sprains, muscle spasms and soreness), and vanillyl Butyl Ether (increases mild warming).

Me holding the muscle relief gel. It's a white bottle with a shiny pin label on the front.

To Use :

This gel can be used for different purposes, whether you get occasional muscle soreness/aches/spams, or you deal with chronic pain. It’s also recommended for use after exercises to aid sports recovery.

To use, pump a little onto your hand or fingertips, and massage in to the areas you want to work on.

My thoughts :

As with the body butter, this has a well-balanced consistency. It’s quite thick yet glides on skin easily and you don’t need much per application so the gel should last well to provide better value for money. It’s absorbed quickly without leaving any residue and skin feels softer afterwards.

As for the muscle relief side of things, it helps if you can apply gentle self-massage to help your muscles and to enhance the warming effect. I’ve found it to be only subtly warming, which I prefer, and it’s very pleasant. You do get a little of the natural cannabidiol scent but it’s not overpowering.

I’ve found this to be most beneficial on my neck/shoulders. I often have a lot of aches and pain across there, with tense and knotted muscles. While I’d rather someone else gave me a massage (I wish!), I’ve found that applying and massing this into the shoulder area has been do-able by myself. The consistency makes it glide across skin nicely so it works well for massage, easing some of the tight and knotted muscles effectively as it warms very slightly.

Afterwards there’s a noticeable easing, with muscles feeling freer as though they’ve had a deep work through. When you get a lot of this tension regularly it can be very uncomfortable and it doesn’t help alongside headaches and migraines, so I’ll be continuing to focus my use of this gel there where it’s desperately needed as it works fantastically.

CBD Oil Spray – Blood Orange

1,000mg CBD – 30ml (Available as blood orange / apple crumble & custard / peppermint)

Oil sprays and drops are probably the most common and popular CBD format. Reakiro shake things up a bit by making this a flavoured oil, which makes its use far more pleasant and appealing. If you’ve ever tried regular CBD before you’ve probably noticed the more musky, earthy smell/taste when putting it under your tongue.

This is an exciting one for me as I love orange-scented and flavoured products, and it’s actually the first fruity flavoured product of this type that I’ve come across. The oil spray has a ‘rich, succulent, tangy blood orange flavour’, which compliments and distracts from the more earthy taste to CBD. 

Me holding the oil spray. It's black and cylindrical, looking like a can of pop, with green, white and red designs for the text.

I received the Blood Orange 1,000mg spray. Serving size (1 spray) ingredients: MCT oil 165.1mg, cannabidiol from hemp oil 16.2mg which contains 6.7mg CBD, and raw flavour blood orange 5.4mg.

To Use :

Shake well before using. This can be used twice daily or as required. Simply spray once or twice under your tongue, hold it there for at least a minute to encourage absorption, then swallow.

Store in a dry place; keep away from extremes of temp so don’t refrigerate and keep away from excessive humidity, light and heat. 

My Thoughts :

This is straightforward to dispense with the pump action spray and it’s mess-free, making it very convenient for taking at home or for travelling.

If you have general issues with absorption in the stomach/bowel when taking foods or supplements orally like I have, then you may find this an option worth considering for the way in which it initially absorbs under the tongue.

I’ve found it easy enough to spray under my tongue thanks to the design of the bottle and spray mechanism.

It has a gently citrusy scent and flavour making it a little sweeter and much more satisfying to take. The orange isn’t overpowering, nor is it too sharp or tangy; it’s just right to balance the natural scent of CBD. There’s still some of the earthy musk after swallowing but it’s significantly less than with any other oil drops I’ve used before. This has actually been quite significantly more pleasant than traditional oil drops of CBD.

As with the whole Reakiro range and the Goddess Sativa products, the packaging is aesthetically very appealing and it’s an easy to use, ergonomic product. I’ve been really pleased with this one for the strength and flavouring, making it a straightforward and enjoyable to use.


I was thrilled to get these products to try and I had fairly high hopes for them after checking out the website. Thankfully I wasn’t disappointed; quick and efficient shipping, contemporary packaging, quality manufacture of products, helpful customer service, and products that are a pleasure to use.

What I especially like, considering how many CBD brands there are popping up these days, is that you know what you’re getting. I felt more confident having read through the process of manufacture and seeing all of the authenticity supplements on their website, so I felt a greater degree of trust and faith in what I was using, which is important.

I also like that they offer things that are a little different to the norm. CBD oils are quite popular, but Reakiro takes this a step further by making an oil with blood orange and other flavourings, making CBD far more palatable. The product range is further extended through body butters, gels and gelcaps, appealing to a wider audience with varied needs.

Since using these myself, I’ve come to think of Reakiro products as being more user friendly and luxurious. Instead of the very earthy smell and taste, the products here have some of that edge taken off so they’re far more appealing and tempting to use.

I won’t talk too much about the effects of CBD that I’ve noticed for me personally. What I will say is that I’ve found these products can be gently calming, easing a little anxiety and that in turn can help with sleep. It’s not a replacement for my prescription anxiety medications, nor can it replace the stronger prescription painkillers I take daily, but as a complementary supplement it’s a helpful one to add to my daily routine. I found the warming gel particularly beneficial for targeting certain areas, such as with my neck/shoulder muscles that I mentioned.

The problem with saying how CBD works for me is that whether it does or doesn’t do much isn’t any reflection on the products themselves; everyone will experience CBD differently and you don’t know what benefit it may have unless or until you try it. As such, it’s not a case of saying whether or not these CBD products ‘work’. All I can say is that they’re great quality and how I’ve found them to be for me. Everyone is different and so while some may find CBD doesn’t make any difference to them, others may find it’s a game-changer in their life with huge benefits.

Using these products gives me the feeling that I’m doing something good for myself, my skin and my body when I work them into a daily routine, but the beauty of such products is that you can use them as you see fit. You can have a consistent routine, or use as and when required. You can go for the more holistic approach with capsules and oils, or a more pin-pointed approach with butters and gels to target certain areas.

All in all, a very positive experience and thus Reakiro gets a thumbs up from me. I’d highly recommend them as a company to deal with and for their product line, whether you’re new to CBD or a regular user.

All four products laid out side by side on the grass in front, with the box they arrived in saying 'hello, I'm your order' behind them.

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Caz  ♥

Have you heard of the Reakiro brand before? Is CBD something you’ve tried or would like to try in future?

Important : CBD is classed as a food supplement. It doesn’t replace a balanced diet and is not intended as a replacement for necessary prescription medications unless otherwise directed by your healthcare professional. Please check with your pharmacist or doctor prior to taking this if you have a health conditions, you’re on other medications and supplements, or have any queries and concerns.

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Mrs. Ram’s Jams June 14, 2020 - 4:31 pm

Maybe I should check out the CBD realm. ????❤️

InvisiblyMe June 17, 2020 - 4:59 pm

It’s certainly becoming very popular for a variety of reasons and uses. You never know until you try ???? xx

Kat - Life on a Seesaw June 14, 2020 - 4:58 pm

Great review! Thanks. I like the idea of the muscle relief especially. I might need to try it out myself. Got a sore hip I’m taking meds for but hate how tired they make me

InvisiblyMe June 17, 2020 - 5:01 pm

I’m sorry your hip is giving you grief. What kind of soreness is it, muscular/bone/nerve? The nerve meds I’ve had recently have made me very tired, but the prescription painkillers I take now don’t (Tramadol); might be worth asking your GP if there’s any alternative if it’s getting problematic. The muscle relief is my favourite at the moment, especially for sore and knotted muscles. Soooo good. Thanks for the comment lovely; I’m glad you liked the review & I hope your hip eases up for you xx

Sandee June 14, 2020 - 6:31 pm

I haven’t purchased any of these products yet, but it’s just a matter of time. My aches and pains are getting worse and worse. Old age isn’t very kind.

Have a fabulous day and week, Caz. Big hug. ♥

InvisiblyMe June 17, 2020 - 5:03 pm

I’m sorry you’re finding the aches & pains are becoming increasingly problematic, Sandee. It’s no fun at all. CBD is used by many for either specific or generalised issues, so it’s worth considering as an option in future. Take good care of yourself lovely  ♥ xx

Svet June 14, 2020 - 7:48 pm

They looked great, especially the body butter for my dry hands.

InvisiblyMe June 17, 2020 - 5:07 pm

They do all look really contemporary and nice to look at, don’t they? The body butter is lush, very silky smooth. I hope you can get some relief for the dry hands. I did a post about dry hands recently with recommending hand lotions – I think a lot of people are getting increasingly dry, cracked, split skin with the super frequent hand washing and use of other sanitising products lately! xx

Jo Jackson June 14, 2020 - 7:55 pm

Great review. I really like the muscle relief gels. It’s funny I felt that the warming one was really hot but others have different effects. Just goes to show like any treatments they really are individual.

InvisiblyMe June 17, 2020 - 5:08 pm

Glad you liked the review. You’re right, we can all find things to work differently so it’s interesting to hear how you found the warming gel. Maybe I used a little less, maybe you were a little more rigorous with massaging it in, or maybe I’m just so cold all the time I don’t notice the warmth quite as much! xx

Craig white June 14, 2020 - 8:24 pm

Cbd helps condition our vascular skeleton cbd has a similar benefit to fibre..

Cbd helps chillax the gut in which helps the fibre we eat be more proactive my friend.. ????????????

InvisiblyMe June 17, 2020 - 5:09 pm

CBD certainly seems to have a lot of potential benefits and positive effects on the body. Thanks for the comment, Craig!

carol hannah June 15, 2020 - 12:24 am

A great review of this product and I love your honesty. Like you’ve said CBD works differently for everyone. For me personally, I don’t think much of CBD and I’ve tried many. I need the THC ingredient from cannabis oils, that you don’t get in CBD oils, but I only have to take it a little at a time, for best effects.

InvisiblyMe June 17, 2020 - 5:15 pm

I’m glad you liked the review – I think it’s important to be honest and to make sure people keep in mind how differently it can work for everyone. I’ve spoken to people who have found CBD oil to be life changing, others who’ve found no or minimal difference. I’ve also spoken to those like you who’ve tried medicinal cannabis and found that helpful, but not CBD. Sadly we can’t get that here in the UK, which is a shame when you think how many could benefit from it. I hope you can continue to get what you need because every little helps when trying to manage our health issues. Thanks for sharing your experience lovely ???? xx

Laura Beth June 15, 2020 - 2:39 pm

Fantastic review! We recently purchased Hemp Calming Treats for our dogs, and we saw a huge difference in our high-strung one! And it was about an eighth of a treat. So yay!

InvisiblyMe June 17, 2020 - 5:18 pm

I’m glad you thought the review was good, that means a lot – thanks, Laura. And wow, that’s amazing about those Hemp treats! Just wow… so only a little bit and already a big difference, that really is incredible. Big yay indeed!! xx

Michelle June 16, 2020 - 2:09 am

Great review!! I’d love to try the body butter. CBD is so popular right now so it’s good to see all these different products that include it.

InvisiblyMe June 17, 2020 - 5:21 pm

Thanks, Michelle, really glad you liked the review. The body butter is silky smooth, really good to see a CBD product that goes more into the bodycare side of things. I’m liking the way the products are diversifying too, it opens up the CBD world to more people for more uses and preferences. xx

Holly June 18, 2020 - 11:20 am

AMAZING review, Caz! I’d be surprised if you don’t have half the companies of the globe knocking down your blogging door trying to get you to review their products! 🙂 Brilliant!

I must admit, reading this part of your review made me nearly smell & taste through the screen: “The oil spray has a ‘rich, succulent, tangy blood orange flavour’, which compliments and distracts from the more earthy taste to CBD. ” — Yes please! 😀 Your way with words has made me definitely wish to try their oil spray. Like you, I’ve not really seen any orange-scented/flavored varieties of CBD but that sounds divine! Orange essential oils are known to help with depression too. Citrus aromas in general are said to do so.

Pomegranate CBD body butter? Wow. You must have felt like you were soaking in luxury over there, Caz! ♥ Yum! The consistency sounds really nice, too. Too thick doesn’t allow for proper soaking in so we stay greasy. Too thin and we might as well not apply anything at all! What you described sounds just right.

I’m so glad Reakiro chose you to try their products. No one could have reviewed them any better! Pinning & tweeting, as always! Hugs headed your way!

InvisiblyMe June 19, 2020 - 4:50 pm

Nawww, that’s so kind of you to say, Holly, thank you! I’m really glad you thought the review was good, that means a lot. I really enjoy reviewing products and it’s great when you can recommend something that others may perhaps benefit from.

The citrus is such a good idea, especially for CBD as cannabidiol naturally has a very earthy, musky taste, which isn’t overly pleasant. I love the smell of oranges in general, don’t you? And the pomegranate body butter is divine, I think they got the consistency just right on that one.

Once again, you’ve floored me with your comment. I’m thrilled you thought so highly of the review, thank you! I hope you’re managing as well as possible and that the weekend is kind to you – make sure to make some time out for YOU to rest and relax.xx

Mark Bierman June 19, 2020 - 12:01 pm

I know many who swear by CBD, so much better than many of the pharmaceutical poisons.

InvisiblyMe June 19, 2020 - 4:52 pm

It’s definitely an interesting option away from pharmaceutical products. I think the more choices people have for their healthcare and lifestyle the better. Thanks for commenting, Mark ????

The Oceanside Animals June 20, 2020 - 11:45 pm

Charlee: “Towards the end with Dennis, when is IBD and osteosarcoma were both starting to get bad, Mama and Dada were giving him CBD oil. It seemed keep him more comfortable.”
Chaplin: “Yes, we think it helped him stay longer than he would have been otherwise. So that was definitely a good thing.”

InvisiblyMe September 24, 2021 - 4:16 pm

I remember you saying before that Dennis had CBD, which is something you don’t often hear about and yet many doggies can be helped with it. I’m glad he had some comfort from it towards the end so that he could stay with you guys for as long as possible ????

Theresa Roberts September 23, 2021 - 10:13 pm

An amazing review!!! I love your photography for the product too. I hadn’t heard about Reakiro before but I have looked at their website just now and they do lots of really cool stuff.

CBD seems to help with anxiety and sleep with me but it’s hard to find a quality brand you can trust that’s not super ridiculously expensive and low in actual cbd.

Think I’ll get some of the warming rub and gummies. ThAnk you for the post

InvisiblyMe September 24, 2021 - 4:39 pm

Thank you very muchly, Theresa! I’m really glad you like the review and that this could introduce you to a new brand. They’re now available through Holland & Barrett if you’re in the UK, too. I feel confident in their products, where the CBD comes from and the quality of the ingredients, so I’d happily recommend based on my experience and the information that’s available on their website. I hope you love the rub & gummies if you try them! ????


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