Health In The News [23/08/2019]

While too much news these days seems to be very negative and bring us down, other stories can spark a little hope, a little interest, or provide a learning curve. Today I thought I’d do…

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Mini Rant : Op’s On, Op’s Off.

As I write this, picture an angry face. Also picture someone who’s confused as to whether this blog title makes any sense; I was thinking of “wax on/wax off” Karate Kid style as I wrote…

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Just Breathe

There can be a lot of pressures and challenges in life, with or without chronic illness. Sometimes modern living can cause a cycle of constant busy-ness, where we’re always doing and continually striving, forever stressing…

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Awards Round-Up

I don’t often do awards on my blog. However, I’ve been nominated for a few lately and although I’m late in doing this, I wanted to acknowledge the kind nominations. I’ll be breaking a few…

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Birthdaying With Chronic Illness

Pass the party poppers & grab a slice of cake. It’s time to talk birthdays, and ageing is one thing we all have in common.  It’s different for everyone: A time of celebration, ‘just another…

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Rio Facial Sauna & Steam Inhaler : Reviewed & Recommended

The lovely people at Rio Beauty were kind enough to let me try out their facial sauna recently, so I’m thrilled to be able to get to review it here. If you have skin, breathing…

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Medichecks Summer Sale : 20% Discount

I thought I’d do a very quick post as I’ve just discovered that Medichecks are having a summer promotion (which has been extended) from now until midnight on TUESDAY 31st JULY 2019. If you’re like…

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Teen Depression : A Guide For Parents [Guest Post]

Today I’m sharing a guest post from Katherine on a very poignant, important topic – teenage depression. Here she shares her thoughts on the symptoms and warning signs parents need to be aware of. Teen…

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Santi’s Design Jewellery

Today I’d like to give a shout-out to the lovely Sofiya who runs her own online handmade jewellery business. You probably already know from my earlier ramblings that I’m a big fan of jewellery, ranging…

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Taking Care of Blonde Hair [Guest Post]

Today I’d like to share a guest post on hair care, specifically for blondes. I’ve found with chronic illness my hair has taken a hit, becoming far thinner & dryer than it used to be.…

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