BetterYou : Reviewed & Recommended

Today I’m thrilled to share another product test & recommended brand. For those with deficiencies, those unable to get a varied diet for whatever reason or who have problems with absorption, supplements can be a…

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Go Bag : Preparing For The Unexpected

Have you ever had unexpected trips to hospital / the emergency department before? Maybe you know what it’s like to be caught off guard. Life gets thrown into disarray, best laid plans go out the…

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The Need For Diverse Representation In The Fashion Community

Today I’m sharing a guest post a little different to the norm. I’m a strong believer in challenging the concepts of beauty, celebrating all bodies in their wonderfully unique, different forms, shapes, sizes, orientations, colours…

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From One Sarcastic Little Shit To Another – Happy Mother’s Day

This day can be difficult and painful for many; I don’t want to be insensitive covering Mother’s Day so please feel free to avoid this post if it may be triggering. There are many who…

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Ladies, Lend Me Your Ears : Don’t Forget Your Smears!

I’ve written previously about what involved during a smear test, getting your results & any treatment that may be required, which you can read here. In the UK, the NHS estimates that around 5 million…

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How To Achieve A Good Work-Life Balance

I know many, like myself, may have lost their jobs due to illness, and many find themselves in a position where they can’t work. But for those of you who can work, it can be…

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Fabulous Floradix : Reviewed & Recommended

As part of my efforts to remedy some of my deficiencies & issues with malabsorption, magnesium was one key element I wanted to tick off the list. It’s vitally important yet rarely gets checked or…

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Quick Quote : Gandhi & Strength Through The Tough Days

Times can get really tough. There are days when we lose hope, when we can’t see the future, and when we’re not sure whether we’ll make it through. But we can and we will, just…

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[ Guest Post ] 6 Best Types of Hair Extension for You

I’m sharing a slightly different guest post by Lucy Luck today to shake things up a bit. I’ve written before about the effects of chronic illness on hair, and many people struggle with thinning, dry…

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Just For Giggles : March Funnies

I hope everyone’s as well as possible. I wanted to share a few funnies for this week – laughter is the best therapy, so make it a priority to find time to giggle every now…

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