Someone did something lovely for me last week, and it got me to thinking about the small ways in which you can make someone smile, and what a big impact it can have.

When was the last time someone did something for you, no matter how big or small, to show they cared or that they were thinking of you? Perhaps it was a gift, a helping hand, a text or email to say hello, a hug, a positive blog comment…?

And when was the last time you did something to show you cared for someone else? Not only can it make you feel good (not very altruistic, but it’s true) but it can really make someone else’s day, even if you don’t realise it.

Nat from SurvivingLife’sHurdles  actually sent me one of her crafty makes as a present in the post because she saw how much I loved this design. She also included a beautiful note. Not only was it a total surprise, it was incredibly generous and thoughtful, and it brought such a smile to my face. It now takes pride of place on my jacket.


When you’re used to ‘friends’ leaving you behind, your emails going unanswered, others not understanding or seeming to care, a kind word or gesture from someone else can mean the world. The same goes for the kindness you show others. If you feel alone, remember that this applies as much to friends and acquaintances online.

Reach out today and think outside of the box when it comes to small gestures of kindness – help someone that’s struggling with their shopping, let a car out in front of you, leave some positive blog comments, send a message to let someone know you’re thinking of them, tell a loved one how much they mean to you, offer to lend someone a hand, the list is endless…

Spread a little love, thoughtfulness and compassion

17 thoughts on “Small Things To Spread Smiles”

  1. Last night. I love to look after some of our older ones in our Congregation. I was able to take a big bag of soups, chilli con carne, and spaghetti bol to share out. It really does make me feel a million dollars to see them happy.

  2. I’m so glad you like it! Your brooch looks great on your jacket too! I always set out to be kind to others although I’m certainly not perfect and it’s still a work in progress. I often look back on things I’ve said and done and realise I’ve also been pretty thoughtless at times! x

    1. No one is perfect, and that’s totally fine, it would be strange if we were! I think seeing ourselves as works in progress is the best way 🙂

    1. I prefer the small things over anything fancy too. And thank you, glad you like the new header image! 🙂

  3. Wow what a beautiful gift and how thoughtful of her to do that, that’s amazing. Every time I get a positive blog comment I feel so fortunate and it always makes my day which is why I do my best to take time to appreciate other people’s hard work and talents because it’s important to be recognise for it! Lovely, thought provoking post as always xx

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