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You Are Strong Enough For The Tough Times

by InvisiblyMe

Life can throw a lot at us. Just when you think you’ve got past a tough time, it gets tougher.

Everyone deals and copes differently. We’re not all built with the same tolerances, the same outlook, or the same level of perseverance or positivity. Our ability to face and overcome difficult times and challenges is a unique experience, something we can’t really compare between each other. Our journeys are ours alone, as is our path to deal with what’s in store for us.

What may seem trivial to one person can feel life shattering to another. What one may consider to not be a problem can seem like a huge burden to another.

I don’t think there’s anything we can’t deal with or any situation we’re not strong enough to get through. It doesn’t always have to be something we do on our own – friends, family, your GP for psychological or medical support where required, online forums, faith & spirituality, whatever you need, reach out for it.

You don’t know what the future holds, but rest assured that the situation you are facing can and will change. There will always be some kind of challenge, some kind of difficulties, ahead, but you are strong enough to face each of them. 

LifeTough Reeds

We owe it to ourselves to keep going, to fight for our own health and happiness. You are made for this world and everything that comes with it. You can and will get through whatever is thrown at you, even if you doubt this at times. In doing so, you learn and grow. With each battle, you get a little stronger, a little more prepared, more confident, more resilient. 

When life gets tougher, get stronger. 



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