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Targeted Pain Relief? No Such Thing…

by InvisiblyMe

I came across a recent news article which is interesting, though none too surprising perhaps for sceptics of so-called ‘targeted’ pain relief. This is a two part story really. 1. Targeted pain relief isn’t truly possible in the way it is advertised.  2. Generic / own label brands containing the same ingredients of, for instance, paracetamol or aspirin, are equally as good as their far pricier branded counterparts.

Watchdog have banned pain pills advertising as targeting specific aches and pains (ie. back pain, period pain), and this ruling on such misleading advertising is sure to have a knock-on effect to other brands. Not too surprising, but at least some deceptive marketing will have to change. Many buy branded tablets that are considered either more effective or that target a certain type of pain at a higher cost… The label, packaging and advertising give us more confidence and assurance in the product, but it seems that own brand, cheaper versions (with the same ingredients) do exactly the same job. You can read the article here.


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