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All Things Ostomy – Got A Question?

by InvisiblyMe

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Unless you have a reason to read up on ostomies and stomas, or perhaps know someone with one, then you may not know all that much about them. It’s more than just a ‘bag’. What’s it like living with one (can ostomates still swim, have sex, eat whatever they like, do they get pain, what problems can they face)? Are there different types of ostomy, and what’s the different between an ileostomy and colostomy?

Or perhaps you have one yourself and you’re experiencing an issue you’d like some thoughts on (a skin issue, what samples you can get, are there any support groups, do I need a support belt)?

I’d like to open this up as a little Q&A and try to answer any questions I can (within reason!) Think of anything and everything, big or small, as no question is silly. I want to raise a little awareness, take away some of the stigma, remove the embarrassment.

Do you have something you’d like to know, a question or maybe even several? Ask away! Please leave a comment, drop me an email at invisiblyme@outlook.com or leave a comment on the InvisiblyMe Facebook page.  Thanks!  ♥

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