I’m Coming Out!

Since my ‘health issues’ started and everything began going downhill, I’ve tried to keep my mouth shut. There are some things you just don’t talk about, things that are personal and private that make you…

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My First Foray Into Non-Beige Foods Post-Ileostomy

Talking with stoma nurses can put the fear of God in to you. The scare stories of people who have ended up in hospital after daring to eat a carrot, or, heaven forbid, a hotdog,…

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3 Weeks Post Ileostomy: Emotional Overload

It’s hard believe it’s just a little over 3 weeks since my ileostomy. The time in hospital was a fairly negative experience for me, but fortunately only fragments are memorable for me, the rest having…

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What To Expect : Ileostomy Pre-Op

For anyone considering, or nearing the date of, an ileostomy, I thought I’d share my pre-op experience. This is just to give you an idea of what you may expect, though of course every hospital…

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