Mini Me Update

Helloooooo, February. January, where did you go? I thought I’d do a quick mini-me update, as it’s been a while. I won’t cover much, just a few basics. Starting with, in true British style, the…

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Frugal Friday [ 25/01/2019 ]

Happy Friday! Has it been a long week for you, too? Well, the weekend is upon us and I thought I’d round up just a couple of quick Frugal Friday goodies. Enjoy 🙂 Free First…

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12 Life-Changing Reads & Self-Help Books For 2019

With attempts to renew hope and motivation for the New Year, I thought I’d share a few life-changing reads and self-help books to reignite your spark. These are reads to inspire, encourage, empower and enlighten,…

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Interview : Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism

Today I want to share an interview with Rachel, the author of the fab book I gave a little sneak peek at in December – Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate (When You’re Sick and Tired…

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Chronic Illness & Beyond : Gift Guide for All Budgets

Welcome to December! I’m still ready to file a theft complaint for the rest of the year. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the generously kind comments left on my…

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8 Winter Warmers For 2018-19

As the colder months are about to have us in their clutches, it’s time to think about getting snuggly and staying warm. Of course, those in Australia won’t have this problem as you’ll just be…

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Frugal Friday : Black Friday Special [ 23/11/18 ]

Hellooooo Black Friday. It’s here, whether you love it, hate it, or simply don’t care. There’s no stopping the influx of emails and adverts about discounts and deals. It’s become more of a week-long event…

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Give Your Vit D Levels A Boost This Winter

I’ve posted quite some time ago now about Vitamin D deficiency and the things to know about the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’. As the daylight reduces and winter seeps in, it’s a good time to get a reminder…

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Frugal Friday [ 09/11/18 ]

Happy Friday! I’m a bit of a grump monster, being on week 4 of the flu and having had a few extra migraines and stoma problems thrown in for good luck lately. I’m playing catch-up…

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Tired, Dry Eyes? 5 Ways to Soothe Your Peepers

Dry, tired eyes can be very uncomfortable, yet it’s quite common. The reasons for it vary. It could be due to dry eye syndrome, also referred to as keratoconjunctivitis sicca, when tears evaporate too quickly or…

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