The Itch Under My Skin : The Changing Face Of OCD & Anxiety

I want to tell you a short story. It’s rather condensed and doesn’t cover the development of my anxiety or what it’s like to live with now, but it gives an idea. It’s quite scary…

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A Valentine’s Date… For Surgery

After a lot of anxious waiting, wondering, and chasing up to get answers, I found out a couple of days ago that my case has been discussed and approved for further surgery. After this wondering…

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The “Patient Tourist” Does… Bath!

Trains, Tests & Tourism. Just another trip to the hospital! Yesterday meant a trip to Bath, somewhere I’d only fleetingly visited once years ago for a residential week with the Open University during my Psych…

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Another A&E Break

Sorry I’ve not been around this past week for posts and emails. I’ve been in hospital after being admitted to A&E again… Fun times! On the plus side, I couldn’t get enough of this guy. Jasper…

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Why A Small Pumpkin Can Be A Big Deal

This year I decided to indulge in the Halloween spirit and buy pumpkins. I’ve never actually carved a pumpkin before and felt like I was missing out; my bucket list of things I’ve not done…

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Bristol… I Am In Awe.

I made a trip to Bristol this Wednesday for an appointment to see a rheumatology specialist at the Southmead hospital. I was referred by the lovely lady I saw at the bone clinic, who diagnosed my…

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A 3 Day Weekend Break… To Hospital (Again)!

Apologies for being away for a few days and not being around to answer messages or read other blogs very much. Got taken in to A&E first thing Friday morning, so I’ve spent the last…

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How I Came To Respect My Anxiety & Accept Medication

My journey with mental health, especially anxiety, hasn’t been a smooth ride. It took me a long time to come to accept my issues and the use of medication, and that wasn’t an easy thing to…

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Why Today Is An Important Day

Yep, it’s the start of a new month (white rabbits!) and the last quarter of the year. Where did all that time go? Saturday 1st October 2016 is Colostomy Awareness Day, headed up by the wonderful…

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Addiction : Spring Cleaning / Attempts : Countless

So, what do I do when I’m stressy and feeling I have little control over things? Yep, I clean (lacklustre given the lack of energy but I do try) and tidy (rearranging things from one…

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