Birthday (Blues)

Today officially marks another year down, another year older, and yet it all feels rather familiar to the previous years. But there are big changes this year, some positive and others not so much. I’m…

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Love The Skin You’re In Tag

I don’t often do tags and awards, except on certain occasions, this being one of them. Anything for body positivity gets a thumbs up from me! Big thanks to Ella for sharing her post and…

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Holiday Snaps!

I thought I’d share a few pics from my recent holiday. It feels like so long ago now, it’s gone in a blur. I’m sorry for the delay; I’ve had a few things on, then…

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Sun, Sea & Stomas

Some people have asked me how I got on going on holiday with a stoma. Can you swim? Can you eat? Was insurance expensive? Did you get leaks, did you struggle with the heat, were…

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The (Never ending) Holiday Prep… Counting Down The Hours!

I can’t quite believe where the time has gone, though I could say the same thing about the last couple of years let alone the last couple of weeks! I’ll be going on holiday in…

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Granny Hips : Physio Parts 1&2

  I really didn’t know what to expect from physio. The rheumatologist, after diagnosing undifferentiated connective tissue disease (UCTD) and fibromyalgia, recommended physio and pain management. I’m also on Hydroxychloroquine for the UCTD. The appointment…

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Mini Me Update

I don’t much like doing ‘me’ updates as I’m sure others must find me pretty boring, but I enjoy hearing how other people are doing so here we go! I bit the bullet and dyed my…

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Going For The Chop!

There’s something really refreshing about getting a haircut. I grew mine out quite long and part of me loved long hair because I liked feeling hidden by it and, I guess, it also made me…

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Digging Out Old Sketches Pt.2

I should probably start by saying that things have been rather up and down for me lately and I’m sorry I haven’t posted a great deal. So for today, here are… A few more sketchy…

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Spring Sunshine

We were lucky enough to get some spring sunshine and warmth this weekend in what is usually a dreary and cold UK. It’s not scorching or summer weather where I am, but it’s certainly a…

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