Don’t Lose Sight Of The Future Goal

Whenever I think of the future, of a goal or where I want to go and the life I want to live, I’m initially filled with a small glow of hope. Immediately afterwards, I’ve overcome…

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What Not To Say To Someone With An Invisible Illness

Sometimes, I’d like people to read my mind. Other times, I think I must assume people can, then get upset or frustrated when they simply ‘don’t get it’. Not many people know the symptoms I…

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GPs: Jacks Of All Trades, Masters Of None?

Despite the bad press they receive for missing problems with patients, not listening to them or fobbing them off, and despite having experienced a lot of this of this myself over the years, I think…

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Prepare For Being Unprepared

Waiting for news can be the hardest part sometimes. So much time wasted anxiously waiting;  a call back that never happened, test results, an appointment letter, waiting to see what the next step is. I…

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Rise Of The Cyberchondriacs

I came across an article recently on the Daily Mail about ‘cyberchondriacs’. It’s lovingly titled : “‘Cyberchondriacs’ clogging up A&E after googling their symptoms and worrying that they’re seriously ill”. Read the full Daily Mail…

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What It Means To Have A Chronic Or Invisible Illness

Lately, there’s been more talk of ‘invisible illness’ and perhaps more taboo or ’embarrassing’ problems. This is partly thanks to those who have come forward and shared their stories, or who have posed for photos…

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Welcome to Invisibly Me

After so many false starts, ideas I never followed through on, and general frustration with never sticking it out with a blog, I am finally doing this. As someone with ‘invisible’ illnesses, undiagnosed symptoms and…

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