[[ World Mental Health Day ]]

Today, Monday 10th October 2016, is World Mental Health Day. It’s an important day to get people talking, because talking about it is what will hopefully keep breaking the barriers. Mental health is so important,…

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Oh, Pants!

Newer ostomates in particular may not be aware of what’s out there in terms of undies and support wear. I was never told about hernias or the need for support wear, only that I could…

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Why Today Is An Important Day

Yep, it’s the start of a new month (white rabbits!) and the last quarter of the year. Where did all that time go? Saturday 1st October 2016 is Colostomy Awareness Day, headed up by the wonderful…

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Addiction : Spring Cleaning / Attempts : Countless

So, what do I do when I’m stressy and feeling I have little control over things? Yep, I clean (lacklustre given the lack of energy but I do try) and tidy (rearranging things from one…

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Easing Chronic Pain With Complementary Therapies

I’m one of those people who, many years ago, bought a yoga mat and a few DVDs for yoga and pilates, and vowed to start a regimen. Years later, the mat long gone to charity…

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“You’ve Got So Much Potential!” So Where Did It All Go?

“You’ve Got So Much Potential”. I remember being told that by people, my teachers telling my parents that about me too, when I was younger. What does that even mean? “You can do anything you…

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Free Mini Pain Relief Guide

Joint pain & arthritis? Claim a free mini pain relief guide from Arthritis UK here! 

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The Versatile Blogger Award

I was thrilled to see that a wonderful blogger, Ella, had nominated me for The Versatile Blogger award recently. Thank you so much – it means a lot to me! As per the rules, here are…

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You Are More Than Your Illness

You are more than parts or symptoms or a broken body. Sometimes it feels as though my life is dictated and consumed by my health problems. The day to day is dictated by my body,…

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This Is What I Really Mean When I Say ‘No’ To Going Out

It’s not a personal affront. It’s not me simply being boring and miserable (though it may be a bit of the latter). Turning down an invitation to go out, or me staying home rather than…

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