NutriPreme : A High Strength Low Price Probiotic

Shopping around for a decent probiotic was a challenge. The options on the high street are quite limited and the prices seem steep even for those with lower strengths. I took to the Internet and went through a whole bunch of different supplements, and over time I’ve tried a couple of different ones. The latest one, which I got a thumbs up for from my surgeon, is a keeper.

NutriPreme wasn’t a brand I had come across before and given my scepticism over claims of such products I checked through the ‘ingredients’, other consumer reviews and compared it to other similar probiotics. Satisfied with the choice, I then had to wait for it to be delivered. I’m no good with waiting, but luckily it arrived very quickly. The probiotics come in a white plastic tub with flip-up lid and a green/white label. It’s basic but that’s fine by me. I’d rather spend my money on what’s inside the tub rather than the outside!

The claims:
‘Premium quality 10 billion CFU
Manufactured in the UK. Dispensed under HACCP, which is reassuring to know.
‘High levels of good bacteria’.
Vegetarian & Vegan friendly


What’s inside?
You get 150 tablets, so with one per day this tub should last you about 5 months. It’s worth noting that this is one of the better value for money probiotics I’ve found as you need to bear in mind the strength, the amount in the tub, and how often you’re advised to take them.

The label gives important info on taking these, most of which is fairly common sense: Do not exceed 1 per day dose, store in a cool dry place, not to be used as a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, if pregnant/breastfeeding/ on prescription meds then consult your GP, and also consult your GP if you have any averse reactions.

This contains 10 billion colony forming units (CFU) of Lactobacillus Acidophilus – 50mg per tablet.

I find each little white tablet to be small enough to swallow with some water. I’m pleased to report that I’ve noticed no averse effects, nor have I had any issues, concerns or problems with them. They don’t require specific storage, other than a dry cool place (no refrigeration necessary), and you can take one after your main meal of the day and then forget about them.

What can they help with? Some of the likely benefits, and ones people tend to report, focus around improving general well-being, stomach complaints, skin and lowering blood pressure. When your tum is healthier, you can start to tell from the rest of your body; healthy inside for a healthy outside.

I have used these previously over a period of several months, and have repurchased them more recently for use after my ileostomy. It’s very hard to say what the benefits are as everyone is different and probiotic effect isn’t something you can easily measure, especially if you keep in mind the possibility of a placebo effect. That said, I do think I notice a general improvement in how my tum feels; it’s a little less chaotic, bloated and uncomfortable. These aren’t a miracle cure, but I also have more going on that means these will only ever have a limited effect for me. I would recommend trying them if you’ve been advised you have a gut bacteria issue, have general energy issues or tummy issues (and have discussed their use with your GP).

The price of these seems pretty decent given both the CFU count and the number of tablets in the bottle. As part of a ‘healthy lifestyle’, these can form a daily routine to get your body that bit more balanced and perhaps help improve some symptoms you’re experiencing along the way.

Currently being sold for only £12.97 on Amazon UK.


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