I thought I’d share just a couple of the books I’ve read recently that I loved. Reading is a huge comfort to me and something I do a lot of, though my attention can struggle if it’s not a great novel. For those struggling with an invisible illness, reading can be a heaven to escape to. These recent picks are just a couple I’ve read lately; they are predominantly within the crime/thriller genres, plus one ‘self-help’ style book with a twist. Fancy treating yourself to a good book? These are available on Amazon and also at The Book Depository (free delivery with no minimum spend).

Karin Slaughter  –  The Kept Woman

I’m a huge Slaughter fan and a little jealous of her name (which is real, by the way) – how perfectly suited to a crime writer! Good job she doesn’t write erotic fiction or children’s books.

The Kept Woman is the 2016 addition to her Will Trent series. Reading others in this series is helpful to give you an idea of the characters, their backstories and the relationship between them, but it’s not essential by any means. Slaughter writes with such confidence, giving life to her characters and a depth to the premise that keeps you gripped and guessing until the bitter end. Loved this book!

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Michael Connelly  – The Wrong Side Of Goodbye

This is Connelly’s most recent effort in the Harry Bosch series and it doesn’t fail to deliver on detail and intelligent complexity to the intriguing premise.

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Harlan Coben  –  Found

Another top author of mine, Coben writes with such pizazz and gentle humour that I can’t help but keep turning the pages. Although it forms part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone thriller. I loved the characters, and the shift in focus from older novels to the younger generation featuring Mickey Bolitar was interesting and fresh. I got through this one pretty quickly. Brilliant!

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John C. Parkin   –  F*ck It : The Ultimate Spiritual Way 

This is such a refreshing read so don’t be put off by thinking it’s ‘just another self-help book’. It’s a breath of fresh air and I actually agree with the underlying theory here and have talked about it a bit in my writing before, which tempted me to check this book out. Caring a little less, when you care and stress too much, can take some of the weight off your shoulders, make decisions less painstaking and generally open up your world. By saying Fuck It, you’re not giving up or stopping caring, you are just getting a bigger perspective, working out what really matters and what’s really worth your energy and worry. This is great for flicking through and coming back to, bookmarking certain points, and referring to when you need a reminder or a pick-me-up.

Stressed, wanting a change, feeling stuck? Definitely recommend this (for those who aren’t offended by reading ‘fuck it’ in every chapter).

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What have you been reading lately? 
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17 thoughts on “Top Picks : What I’ve Been Reading Recently”

    1. I’ve not actually read any of his books, is there a particular one you’d recommend? I’ll have to add his name to my ‘must read’ list!

    1. You’re welcome! Slaughter and Coben are definitely two of my favourite fiction authors, love their stuff! And the Fuck It book definitely reads like a breath of fresh air, especially when stressed 🙂

    1. It’s actually really good! Very easy to pick up and read whatever parts appeal at the time, and incredibly refreshing! x

  1. Regarding the last read with the F word in its title, it’s refreshing that not all self-help books have the same dry formula.. I’m glad you have found some good reads 🙂

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