I never thought I’d call cold dry toast a breakfast of champs, but after so long of not eating it was heavenly! I also got the go ahead for an early mark to go home today. Still in a lot of pain and feel rough but that’s all par for the course, and the rest of recovery and bed rest can be done at home. That will be weeks and months of feeling awful, but hopefully a little better as time goes by. Just as well to be going home after last night was so uncomfortable and restless. I hope my fellow ward inmates, a lovely bunch of women I’m grateful to have met, have a better time of it this week and can have themselves a breakfast of champs before escaping soon too!

ps. I find typing and doing anything other than browsing the news or watching Netflix on a tablet v.difficult and frustrating, and my brain is mush, so apologies for the lack of updates, reading of other blogs & typos!

Proof that hospital toast can indeed be cooked normally and not chargrilled like well done steak. 

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