I’m sorry for the delay in posting something up. I’ve been so out of it with drugs and pain that I’ve really done much of anything, and then technology decided to become the enemy so I couldn’t upload a Facebook update or blog post. Alas,Β here it is. Still can’t function too well or See totally straight do apologise in advance. Surgery went ok, all things considered. Day 5 now and back on oxygen as I’m having some trouble breathing, but I did get out of the bed for a brief walk around the room. I’m hoping to try a shower tomorrow even though it feels like an impossibility at the moment given the pain when moving. It’s a very exhausting, depressing and lonely situation. I hope this is me dine for hospitals and ops now. I’ll try to post and to catch up on reading other blogs again once I’m home, which I’m hoping may be in a couple more days. Thank you all for your positive thoughts and kind wishes…I hope you’re all well.xx



11 thoughts on “Still Alive (Just A Zombified Version)”

    1. Thanks, Stephie. I’m in agony at the moment, which reminds me I have no choice but to take it slow, so that’s good in one respect. I know I’ll need the reminder in a week or two though if I feel a little better and get restless! Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

  1. Glad to hear your operation went well πŸ™‚ I find that blogging inevitably takes a backseat from time to time – especially when I’m feeling less than 100% and rest > blogging. I feel you on the showering issue; about three years ago I caught glandular fever, and showering/ anything that involved being upright for more than a few minutes was a nightmare as I just didn’t have the energy for it.

    1. Oh dear, you’ve been through it as well then! I hope you made it through the glandular fever without any additional complications. I think this is why they invented wet wipes – the shower in a towelette form for when your body can “do” showering! x

      1. I think I got off fairly lightly with glandular fever – I was drained for a few months, but I’ve not had any long-term problems. Wet wipes are an absolute lifesaver (I always take a packet camping in case the showers are too gross to use, haha!)

  2. Well done on making it through another op. I can’t even begin to imagine how tough it’s been for you but you’re a fighter and I hope that this is the last time you ever have to go through this. Solid effort on posting even while zombified! Hang tough and keep us all updated, I know my thoughts are with you on a speedy recovery. Take care, Ed

    1. Had a few problems with an infection and then a bug, so I’m rather rough but getting there slowly. Thank you for your comment, and I hope you’re well too πŸ™‚

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