It’s the age old cure for all that ails you, and sometimes you really do just need a few minutes of peace and comfort and a warm cuppa. Snuggled up with a book or over a chat with a friend, you can’t beat tea.

Anyone agree?Tea Can Solve Almost Anything.

10 thoughts on “Tea, Lovely Tea!”

  1. When you’re thirsty and make a cup of tea it seems like the best drink you’ve had in your life! There’s a great bit of dialogue in the war movie “The Longest Day” *about D-Day and teh days after. Michael Caine plays a tank regiment commander and all goes wrong – the road he needs to advance along is congested with other vehicles etc. His batman asks if he’d like a cup of tea, CAine reels off all the day’s disasters and asks “Do you think a cup of tea will make any difference?” “No Sir” “Well I’ll have one anyway!”

    1. That is odd! Only joking 🙂 Do you like coffee? I think I must be odd sometimes as I love the smell of coffee, and the appearance of a frothy cappuccino is so tempting, yet I hate the taste. Always wished I could have liked coffee but I’ve never been able to appreciate the taste of the stuff.

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