Insomnia and a general lack of sleep can be painful. I’ve had problems with sleeping on and off for years, but since my last surgery I seem to be averaging 2.5-3hrs per night. It gets tough, and the knock-on effect both physically and emotionally over time can be extreme, even if you are able to make up the odd hour here and there. Do any of you deal with insomnia?
Hillarys Blinds have a ‘Lost Sleep’ calculator. According to that, 3hrs of sleep a night at my age results in 52.5 hours of lost sleep a week. Over time, this would be 105 lost days a year, or 26 years in a lifetime!
Want more advice on sleeping? Check out Homesocool.

7 thoughts on “Insomnia – The Lost Sleep Calculator.”

  1. I’ve had a lot of problems with sleep myself and I know what you mean! It’s hard when you have an illness already as it can make your symptoms so much worse. Hope you’re able to get more sleep soon. x

    1. I hope you manage to get more sleep too, over time a lack of quality Zzzs certainly doesn’t do you much good. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. Think I’d find the stats a bit scary. I have spells of sleeping badly and feel like a zombie at work, horrible feeling in a daze!

    1. I know that zombie feeling well. But you’re right, the stats are quite scary, may be best to not know how many days/weeks/years of lost sleep we’re having!x

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