Sorry I’ve not been around this past week for posts and emails. I’ve been in hospital after being admitted to A&E again… Fun times!

On the plus side, I couldn’t get enough of this guy. Jasper is a support dog for his blind owner, who was in hospital each day to visit his wife. He’d brought Jasper to me quickly each time he came to say hello, before the dog lies well behaved & looking gorgeous by his side for the next hour. Broke my heart, though I have had a thing about wanting a dog (already named him, too) for a while now. Maybe one day someone will leave a lab/retriever on my doorstep..!


I hope everyone’s well, or as well as can be! Have a good weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re up to <3 xx


7 thoughts on “Another A&E Break”

    1. They certainly can. Thank you so much for the positive thoughts and the comment, much appreciated! I hope you’re doing well :o)

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